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    Wow I’ve been having this problem for about 8-9 months too! We have 2 X iPhone 6s on the same account. We have spent hours and hours on the phone to t-mobile. We have had this account for 3 years and for the first 2 years we had perfect signal. All of a sudden summer 2017 our phones crashed down signal bars between no service and one bar. I sometimes have two bars if I’m very lucky. My phone calls (mostly important business calls) all drop off and cut out of signal. I’ve since travelled all over the US as I travel for work and I have never seen a 3 or 4 bar signal since. We have spent way too much time on the phone to Tmobile following lots of crazy instructions including the instruction to delete our voicemail boxes? (Weird but true.) have even got brand new phones! The last call with Tmobile was yesterday and they said give it until valentines Day and if it’s not any better then I guess TMobile is not for you? i feel like they are continuning to act like they are helping while they continue to take my money each month for a service that they can not offer ie what they advertise they provide 4G 49mps coverage at my current location! I feel completely ripped off. Time for a new provider!

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      • dragon1562

        Re: No service

        Hey if your interested still in trying to resolve this I will do my best to help. This forum is made up of your fellow peers so I have no actual affiliation with T-mobile other than being a consumer. I just want to ask a few questions to get a better idea of what is going on. To start can you provide a specific location where the coverage is not good so I can look at the coverage map as well as other 3rd party info? I also want to ask for the sake of calcification the device you are using is a Iphone 6 correct not the 6s? Its a important difference that I want to be sure on. Also can you clarify about what you ment when your phones crashed? Do you mean they just randomly restarted or that the signal just went away? What were you doing when they crashed as well?  Again sorry I just want to be super clear on all the info so that anyone that comes along knows the scoop.


        I also want to help clear some info up and it is that T-mobile does not advertise 4g 49mb download speeds. All the wireless carriers have a range in terms of what you can expect and that number is way way to high to expect consistently unless you live in a city with perfect signal and the latest phone. If you feel the need to switch there is some things you should due prior that I can help you with but I would not make a switch unless you really have to as it is a pain in the neck.


        I hope I can help you with a solution or that someone else on the forum can and I'm sorry you have had to deal with this for so long

          • magenta4057793

            Re: No service

            Thank you!!


            it is a NKQQ2LL/A iphone 6s.


            By crashed I mean the signal dropped to no signal.    I didn't actually watch this happen...I just woke up one day with signal like that.  That was at an old house in Brentwood, Los Angeles.


            Specific location right now is Garden Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039 - this is public so I dont want to give my exact address.


            When I went into Tmobile to change my phone the guy there told me that Tmobile is updating to 5G in LA and that is the issue, however the phone customer service have never confirmed this is the reason.


            The thought of switching gives me a headache...I would prefer not to switch as I've been with Tmobile for over 13 years now (10 in the UK + 3 here!)  If I can't use the service then I really do need to consider it. 


            Thanks once again for the help. This is my last resort as I've literally tried everything Tmobile have suggested. 

              • dragon1562

                Re: No service

                So I was looking at the coverage in the area you mentioned which was more than enough for me to get a idea of whats going on and their should be no issues as far as your phone picking up on the service. 5g is not a thing yet and wouldn't impact service on this current device. If possible it would be awesome if you could compare service with someone else in the area. Maybe you could run to the local T-mobile store and see if one of the clerks would be kind enough to let you test your sim in one of their devices and see what happen. If things work perfectly on their device and your phone is still acting wonky then I would argue its a hardware issue.


                If he puts his sim in and things magically start working again it is a provisioning issue. If you don't want to travel down to the store I understand and will ask you to just reset the network settings for me and tell me what happens. However, it would be preferred if you can test your sim with another device and see if anything changes.


                Sorry as well for the late response I saw your comment immediately but have been busy with classes and such.

                  • magenta4057793

                    Re: No service

                    Hey!! I've actually done what you asked a month ago. Tmobile gave us 2 brand new phones (we have 2 lines both with same issue) - still the same issue so they have said its now an account problem not hardware!


                    Thinking back....I now remember the time that I started having problems was linked around an event....I moved to unlimited for less than 8 hours...then realized the package had less benefits + restricted hotspot speeds than my simple 1 package.  I insisted on them reverting me back to my old package as it included UK data.  (i'm from there originally)  - They reluctantly put me back on as they had misled me into the new unlimited package....could they now just be trying to push me off the network as that is no longer the package they want customers to have?  Its all just very odd.  I pay a lot of money each month to Tmobile and I have done for 13 years.  Maybe changing providers is really the only option I have now.

                      • dragon1562

                        Re: No service

                        I doubt that they are trying to push you off the network. However, if it is something on the account end you will need to work with one of the T-mobile reps as its beyond my means to help you with there. Only the T-force team can look at and modify account specific information. I would try ploping your sim in a non iPhone 6s just for attempt if the opportunity arises.


                        If all else fails and a new carrier is what your thinking of I can provide recommendations as I actually use two separate carriers myself. However, I prefer T-mobile by a long shot.


                        What plan do you have by the way if I may ask? For a long long time I was on the Simple choice plan, then I went to the Simple NA plan and finally I ended up on the One + plan which offers more than the old plans believe it or not.

                • some81

                  Re: No service

                  Hey there,

                  I and my wife have iphone 6s and we have the same problem.

                  When we are at home on WIFI it's ok and then when we go outside we have No service for a long time.

                  If I notice I have to restart my phone couple of time until I get a service this is very frustrating for both of us.

                  I did restart my network setting a couple of time but this didn't fix our issue.

                  I'm considering switching from T-mobile to a different provider if I don't fix this issue

                  We're located in NYC Queens.