Block calls from "unknown"


    I have a Microsoft Lumia 650. I need to block calls from "unknown". How do I do that? I am able to block calls that come from a specific number, but not those marked as "unknown."

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      • snn555

        Re: Block calls from "unknown"

        Maybe the Windows Store has an app for caller id that can do what Hiya app does for Android and iOS. Or a similar app .

        • tmo_chris

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          Unknown calls are going to be tricky but we have some pretty helpful information regarding blocking all types of unwanted calls here Hope this helps.

            • sharonus

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              Thanks @tmo_chris, but none of those options help me. Maybe it's a telemarketing call, but I'm not going to listen through the heavy breathing to get to that part.  I can already block known numbers, but this comes through as "unknown."  I even found an option to block unknown numbers on my phone that seemed to work at first, then stopped.  Maybe after an update?


              In Phone, click the three dots

              Select Blocked calls

              Click Menu, then select Settings

              The option for 'Block calls with no caller I.D.' is on


              It seems like my only option now is to constantly hit ignore on those unknown calls then delete the VMs or change the number that I've had for over 10 years. I think that's ridiculous.

                • tidbits

                  Re: Block calls from "unknown"

                  You'll still get those calls.  At some people you answered a call and they found it to be a valid number so now you are on some list out there.


                  Even if you block unknown they'll figure it out and then start spoofing numbers.  It's like parasites.

                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: Block calls from "unknown"

                    I am very sorry The best way to take action on these is going to be registering your number on the national do not call list and if you continue to receive these calls, stay on the line long enough to find out who they are and report them.


                  Re: Block calls from "unknown"


                  We have been receiving call from 'Unknown' and there is no data to use to block the calls.

                  I have contacted TMob to address the issues and nothing happens. They say that they cannot see those calls on their logs (call detail records). I cannot imagine how it is that that TMobile allows calls with no data to get through their system. This has been confirmed by Tmob that they do not see the calls on their side.

                  They have added all the call ID features they and call blocking features they have, yet these calls still get through. There are numerous calls per day and it very invasive and no way to stop them. TMobile has to block these unidentified calls (calls without data) at the network level since a user has not data to use to block them. I would tin k that these fall under the new STIR/SHAKEN regulations.

                  One agent called me back last week and told me that "they had found an issue at the network level and corrected it" and assured me that problem had been resolved. But that's not the case.

                  There is a tech support ticket filed (or that's what i was told) #43236603