Domestic Roaming Change?


    I have been a TMO customer for over 10 years now. Always have a great signal where I live but up at the family cabin our phones would roam on AT&T towers.  For the last month that seems to have stopped and now if we get now service in the area unless we drive 15 miles to town. Just wondering if the roaming partnership ended in 2018 with TMO and AT&T. Anyone know?


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      • dragon1562

        Re: Domestic Roaming Change?

        AT&T had a agreement with T-mobile for 7 years of roaming. That was back in 2011 when the failed acquisition occurred. Now I don't know if the agreement ended or if T-mobile renegotiated or what. However, I do know that if you were to call into T-mobile or reach out to them via social media they would be able to help you more.


        If the agreement did end though this would be the year. You can see if you are supposed to have coverage in the location in question by checking T-mobiles coverage map. This would show the most up to date coverage map. It is also important that you have a device that can support the network. What phone are you using if I may ask?

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Domestic Roaming Change?

          T-Mobile has a roaming agreement with AT&T but the advantageous rates they once enjoyed are no more. T-Mobile makes extensive use of LAC-blocking to regulate where customers may roam. It's a crude tool. They tend to block roaming if they provide overlapping service anywhere in the AT&T LAC.