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    I'm using an HTC one M8 with Lineage OS 14. Around 3 weeks ago, I noticed that I can't receive incoming calls. However, I can make calls, text and use data. When someone calls me, the caller will have the usual ringing sound but I don't get any incoming calls. If the caller leaves a voicemail, I usually receive a notification of the voicemail afterwards. I've tried changing the a couple different OS but this problem persists, so I believe it is a network issue. Thank you.

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      • snn555

        Re: Cannot receive incoming calls

        Obviously TMobile can only vouch for the original version of Android from the manufacturer on your phone and only if it is a T-Mobile branded device. Unfortunately the only way to rule out the network is to return back to the stock ROM. If that persists then you might have a network issue otherwise it is settings within the ROM you have chosen to use in place of the stock ROM.

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        • dragon1562

          Re: Cannot receive incoming calls

          You should try asking someone else to test the network for you or reverting the device back to stock. It is probably a device issue, if no one else you know is having issues. However, more info is needed to make a definite decision.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Cannot receive incoming calls

            Hey, magenta4158702! Incoming calls are a pretty critical part of having cell service -- I can't imagine missing out on that. :/
            Are you able to test your SIM in another person's T-Mobile device to see if the problem persists? When it comes to devices that have modified software, our troubleshooting options are limited, but if incoming calls still aren't routing to your SIM when it's in a different device with standard software, then I think it's either a line issue or a network issue.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Cannot receive incoming calls

              magenta4158702, are you able to receive incoming calls now? If not, we recommend trying your SIM in a known working device.