SyncUp Drive device has stopped reporting GPS data


    I have been using the syncup drive device for a while now and have been mostly happy with it.


    Recently in the last week or so it stopped reporting GPS data on the vehicle i have had it plugged into for the last 6 months. all the drives were marked as the last place i had parked my car even though the car was 50 miles away from that place now. so i unplugged and replugged in the device and now all the drive show as "started from unknown location". There is also no more map in the app anymore either.


    The app is upto date from the google play store as well


    what do i do about this?

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      • dragon1562

        Call into T-mobile support and see if they can Trouble shoot it from their end. You may need to exchange it for a new one if they can not get a fix.

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        • magenta5411150

          This thing is a piece of garbage I had to call tech support and crawl under the steering wheel I'm 60 years old and a disabled vet that was very painful and uncomfortable. Once walking me through it in the heat had to reset it that was 3 weeks ago and now it's doing the same thing and showing that I'm coming and going from the same location the car is parked in the same location and it's nowhere near my house but the car is outside my window I need a new device while I want my money back

          • hightechnology

            I've already reset mine once once or twice in the first year of ownership, but the last several months have required resets every week or two.  The device is firmly plugged into my OBD port and the Wi-Fi hotspot feature works fine when driving (albeit being a bit slow and with more sensitive to poor network coverage).  So this is definitely a hardware/software issue in the device.


            Just 2 weeks ago I fully reset the device via the web-based interface and it only worked for a week -- thus far, nothing reported for the past 8 days...

            I'll need to call tech support to figure out what they recommend, otherwise I may just give up on this product.  It was a great concept on paper, but the actual execution was pretty poor based on a large number of reports of people who have this issue.

              • tokage

                9EA17C81-5C05-4E7F-BA8A-2B568E56FDF5.pngOk, so I had these same issues stated above and some. All in all, i was receiving 2 red lights (power and no connection). Couldn’t see on app and was properly plugged in. I could still only see hotspo and connect to it. Removed device from app, tried reconnecting And didn’t work. Called TMO and explained the situation and did a few more troubleshooting steps. Swapped SIM cards from both devices and verified working SIMs. Did hard reset and stil didn’t work, so TMO rep removed it from account and added it back on....nothing. Device is pretty much dead and I would need to buy a new one.


                I did mention that on thr second unit that I noticed issues that seem odd. Occasionally I would need to press the reset button to get connection. Loses GPS signal from starting point to destination. Pretty much the points were correct, but as the crow flies.....meaning just a straight line from a to b.  It started acting up that it stated my current location was in the NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN near Greenland and I was currently in Oregon!


                I know this device will will die and of course I will be forced to buy another unit because they are not durable at all. I know the v2 eSIM is out and they switched from ZTE to Alcatel, but is it worth the risk of buying another one? Hopefully the image will show and if there are any typos, I’m adding this from cell.

              • magenta10621150

                I have had this issue on and off for the past 2 1/2 years. I’m on my I’m on my third device now.



                Sometimes when I reset it it works for several months before happening again.  As I use this to track my mileage for my tax deductions it has become very frustrating. I switched to this cause it was easier to not have to think about it but I’m about ready to go back to an app where I have to do it manually. It’s worthless if it’s not tracking the miles and sometimes it goes a couple of days before I realize that it’s not tracking. It shows me starting and stopping each trip but it shows the location as the same at all times. I’ve considered switching to another carrier in trying theirs to see if I have the same issues.