21 day tourist plan


    To anyone planning on purchasing one of these - don't. First of all the package cannot be sent overseas so has to be obtained upon arriving - which can be very inconvenient. The idea was to purchase one for my husband who was going on ahead of me and moving back to the US. He would be doing some travelling around and so it seemed perfect until he had a mailing address, bank account and so on for something longer-term.


    First attempt was in Seattle. He went to the store and was charged $45. He said it should be $35 but they insisted the SIM was not included. He told me about this, I immediately came on here to verify and found the exact same thing had just happened to someone in Tucson. He went back to the store, showed them the posting which proved they were wrong, and the $10 was refunded.


    Him getting a longer-term plan has been delayed by extended travelling. We decided to buy a second one. He spent well over an hour getting to his current local t-mobile store on the bus today - in Tucson, funnily enough. To cut a long story short, he was treated extremely rudely - he also has a learning disability so that kind of disrespectful behavior is not cool - and they tried to charge him $75. They said the 21 day plan is mail order only, he said it was not, they then said well they did not honor it anyway. So he turned and walked out and we have now decided to head to Walmart and get a Straightalk phone after a conversation with their agents. This 21 day plan's service is actually fine, it's just getting it in the first place as the product knowledge relating to its sale is extremely poor. Especially in Tucson, it would seem.


    Seeya, t-mobile. I'd like to say it's been nice knowing you, but I can't.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there! I am so sorry you and your husband have had such a poor experience obtaining the Tourist Plan. There's definitely not an excuse for all of the trouble.


        Here is some info about the plan here - Tourist Plan


        It is not renewable and would require a whole new activation should he need it beyond the 21 days, however cost should have only been the standard $30 plus any applicable taxes, but certainly nowhere near $75. You are correct that SIM should be included, just as the guidelines in the link above I shared state.


        Has everything been activated properly and since taken care of? Again, we certainly apologize for all the issues.

        • magenta4211266

          Thanks for your reply. No, we have nothing activated at present, he is just going to have to manage without a phone for a few days until we can get everything sorted in his next location. We figured there was no point him catching another bus to another Tucson store today if they were just going to say the same thing. We know they are wrong, but we can't force them to sell a product they say T-mobile doesn't sell in stores. Apparently the salesperson refused to look at your website (unlike the previous guy in Seattle), which would have verified we were not only correct, but that this product appears to be causing confusion from one end of the country to the other. These were both stores in major cities that are near international borders and will have tourists from overseas visiting, and we also know we are not the only ones to have experienced it.

          I did actually check and the entire package (with a different number issued) apparently can be re-purchased without any restrictions; it just cannot be extended in any way, and that was all he wanted as a purely temporary measure just to have data.

            • num48jj

              Re: 21 day tourist plan

              I had the same problem when I visited in Florida, but I went back to the store and was refunded for the charge of the sim card, which they had charged me an additional $20 on top of the $30 normal fee.

              Once it expired, I called T-Mobile and was able to put the same Sim card on a pay as you go service for $3.00 a month, which gives you 30 minutes of talk time or 30 Tex's. You can pay for more time, if you need it or even add data by purchasing a data card online on your account or calling T-mobile. I find it works great for me now when visiting the states. You can even use it in any other location that T-mobile provides service.

            • jl32951

              Re: 21 day tourist plan

              DO NOT BUY THIS PLAN!!!!


              I recently visited the US and purchased this plan. I returned to my country and put my SIM card back in my phone to find it had been locked! I have an iPhone XS that I purchased new as an unlocked phone in my country. T-Mobile locked it when using the prepaid 21-Day Tourist Plan. For a week I've been on the phone with them everyday trying to get it unlocked. They keep promising me that it will be done and asking me to wait a couple more days. Yet nothing has been done.


              Just now I called again and they insisted that they could not contact the department needed by telephone and asked me to trust that they will handle it. While frustrated, I maintained my cool. I even said that the supervisor I was speaking to sounded like a lovely person, but I didn't trust that it will be taken care of. WHen I did she said that was going to have to disconnect the call and hung up on me!


              I guess I have to try to find a lawyer in the US to get T-Mobile to compensate me the cost of a new iPhone to replace the one they have now made useless!