Email to text stopped working


    I send an email to my phone as a text often. Especially when I want a url accessible from my phone. It was working fine until yesterday. I kept getting it bounced back from mailer Message was: 550: permanent failure for one or more recipients (


    It didn't matter how I formatted the message, (tried taking the https out, etc) it still bounced back.


    Called T-Mobile TS and was told it was an issue that needed to be resolved by Yahoo. TS agent transferred me to Yahoo. The rep at yahoo said he couldn't help me unless I either gave him my Yahoo account password so he could log in to my account, or give him remote access to my computer. He said he needed to check my settings. I told him I was not going to give him my password or remote access, and asked why I couldn't just tell him what my settings were, and he rudely told me that my only options were what he stated. I hung up. I do not want to give access to my account or my computer to anyone.


    I never had any issues with email to text when I was with AT&T. I didn't have any problems doing it with T-Mobile until yesterday.


    I saw that there were a couple of other posts with same/similar problems, but did not see a resolution.


    I don't think it is a problem with Yahoo. I don't want to call in again as although the T-Mobile reps are courteous, it is very hard for me to understand them. (accents)


    Is there a resolution to this problem? I do not use DIGITS and really don't want to either. It worked before, so it should work again.


    Thank you.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Email to text stopped working

        I just tested it and it works for me.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Email to text stopped working

          One of the history items is how is the item sent?


          Folks have had problems when they try to send things from automated services (e.g. home alarm) and has a problem, but, if they send from the email's "main client" (e.g. Yahoo's web client), it works.  This is generally because there is some "signature" that proves it came from where it's supposed to have come from.  Sometimes phone email clients (or even desktop email clients) aren't set up for some authentication to get this "signature".


          The suggested "it works for me" path is are you sending an email from Yahoo's web client?  Because, there's zero configuration you do to the web client.  It should work.  I'd also try this "it works for me" approach from another email account (e.g. GMail).


          If it works from Yahoo web and/or from GMail, you are able to narrow down the problem area.


          If it works from GMail, but not Yahoo, there's something wrong with Yahoo.  It could be the server you're on with Yahoo has been temporarily flagged as spam due to suspicious emails (this has happened, but I'm not recalling all the details, but Yahoo generally has more of a problem rate).


          If it works through Yahoo Web, but not whatever client you're using, there's probably a problem with your configuration (most likely associated with authentication).  One key is if you're using a Yahoo email address, make sure you're sending the email through Yahoo's server and not from your ISPs server (this goes back to the above mentioned "signature").

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            • dilluzionz

              Re: Email to text stopped working

              I just send the email from my yahoo mail account on my home computer. No other clients or servers. It may very well be a Yahoo issue. It worked fine until yesterday. Nothing has changed from the time it did work to when it didn't work. I don't use gmail, or any other mail account.

              Maybe it will sort itself out.

              I still find it unusual that the Yahoo rep was insistent on having either my account password or control of my computer through a remote session.

            • dilluzionz

              Re: Email to text stopped working

              Today it is working again. Must have been something on Yahoo mail.

              Thanks to everyone for the relies.