T-mobile is unable to unlock Refurbished iPhone


    Is anyone else have a problem with Unlocking your iPhone? I have a refurbished iPhone 6 and Iphone 7 through Assurance (the insurance plan bought from T-Mobile). I received numerous emails from T-Mobile advising me to contact Apple since T-Mobile was unable to unlock my devices. Apple wrote on their website that they are not responsible for unlocking devices. I'm getting push around by both companies. Has anyone successfully unlocked your REFURBISHED devices through T-Mobile or Apple? And how?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta4352556! If you received these devices as insurance replacements because of claims you filed as a T-Mobile customer to replace your existing T-Mobile phones, we do have an unlock escalation for that! We should be able to consult the system memos on your account to match up the IMEIs of the replacement devices provided via insurance claims during your tenure as a T-Mobile customer and as long as the rest of the account requirements are met, we'll process a regular unlock request and email the request to an offline team for unlock escalation explaining the situation (that these were insurance replacements, the IMEIs match our records but they're not in our standard database of retailed equipment). The offline team can typically process these requests in 14 business days -- it does take a bit longer than the standard 48 hours because we have to work with Apple directly to get them to update the next activation step.
        We're not able to review the account for these system indicators from this public user forum, but our T-Force team can securely verify your account and definitely get this taken care of on Twitter or Facebook. If you'd like you can link to this thread so that you don't need to repeat yourself, and our folks in T-Force can see my reply so that they know exactly which steps we need to take!