I need to get a Cellspot without an account.


    I work for an IT department who recently was contracted to setup the Internet network for a small art school in the middle of nowhere PA.


    We have a gigabit fiber uplink to work with, but cellular coverage is far and few inbetween. And so I found the T-Mobile cellspot.


    However I can't seem to get the bottom of why on earth this device needs to be connected to an account? Why would there not be an option to outright directly purchase the device, or even have the ability to rent it? We're just trying to help T-Mobile customers in that area, but getting the same robotic responses from support has been frustrating to say the least.


    We don't want this device linked to an account since its not going to be used for an individual, but instead an organization. Is there seriously no option whatsoever to just obtain the device?


    Thanks for your time.

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      • dragon1562

        Re: I need to get a Cellspot without an account.

        Most T-mobile customers will be able to use wi-fi calling should the location have it. Depending on the amount of people this will probably be the better solution since the cell spot is not designed for this kind of use. I believe it can only handle 10 calls simultaneously. However with this matter you will need to work with T-force. I suggest messaging them over Facebook/Twitter if over the phone is not working well.


        You could also see if someone with a T-mobile account that works in the area would be willing to acquire one for you to use at the location. Finally there is the 3rd party route.