My Galaxy S7 Edge is freezing and running slow...


    My Galaxy S7 Edge has been running slow, it freezes and it takes longer to unlock using my fingerprint after the last update was installed, how do I fix it?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there! I would suggest checking out this doc here Crashing, freezing, or unexpectedly restarting troubleshooting This and a master reset after a software update can usually fix the issues you are experiencing!



          • kasrak

            Thanks for your reply, but here are the concerns:

            1) Why would T-mobile force an update even though my phone updates are on Manual mode not automatic.

            2) My phone was working fine till the update, then what's the point of getting one? If T-mobile hasn't fixed all the bugs and everything else, why would they push an update on these phones?

            3) Master reset? You say it like it's just clicking a 5 minute task. Do you realize how much data (apps) have to be re-installed and how much time this takes?


            T-mobile is responsible to fix this issue, so please let me know if you have any solutions for this.

              • debjitjdv

                Hi kasrak


                After a major update, sometime it may take sometime for the device to work properly. I am little confused why the update was pushed even if you have manual mode setup. Possibly it got pushed since its a major OS update. Here are couple of things you can do:


                1. Clean/Wipe the cache partition. This wontdelete any personal data such as contacts, app, photos etc rather will just clean the cache partiton and clean any stale data from Nougat. Follow: Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
                2. After doing this, charge your device fully and use it normally. Do not use any heavy apps such as FB or games etc for some time. The device should start working properly.
                3. If you still get this, you can go to Settings->Apps and clean individual app cache whichever may be crashing,
                4. In the Settings->Clouds and Accounts ->Samsung Cloud, back up your device. You can backup contacts, apps, messages, home screen, settings, clock, alarm. You have 15GB space for free and app data back up does not count towards that space. In case you need to do a factory reset, you can restore from Samsung Cloud in less than 15-20 mins automatically in exactly the same state in which you took the backup incluyding your app arrangement on the home screen. I strongly suggest you do an auto backup in Samsung Cloud. Its safe, encrypted, and allows your data to be backed up safely in case you need to restore. I have more than 160 apps in my S7 Edge and I can restore my device using a standard home wifi connection in approx 16 mins from Samsung Cloud. During restore, your device may become hot but dont worry. Thats usual. 
                5. In Wipe Cache partition/App cache clean does not work, then Factory Reset is the only option. But before that take backup in Samsung cloud as mentioned in 4.


                Please tag me and let me know how it goes.

                • laserdad

                  Seriously, it feels like sabotage. Opening any app takes like 5-10seconds, having to wait 4 rings before the answer call window pops up--I have never seen my phone run like this. I can't even logonwithout the unlock screen timing out most of the time.

                    • laserdad

                      Battery life is significantly reduced and it can't even keep up with my moderately slow text typing. It lags. All these things happened with the update and clearing the partition cache doesn't help. T Mobile should have tested this OTA on an S7 Edge before pushing it to millions of phones. And they did it on my data plan minutes and burned all 2gb and I had to call and ask for extra data. I am gladthey were willing to help with that but what about my phone being basically junk after the OTA? QA people. A lot of people use this phone.

                • laserdad

                  As I mentioned on the battery drain post, whatever app updated in the last two days solve my issue. I now get expected battery life and fast response. Not sure how to figure out what app it was.

                  • sslman71

                    Not sure if any of you used this app but I installed mcafee app by t-mobile and battery drain was 10 % in 10 minutes I thought since I just installed it, then I uninstalled it, and as soon as the uninstall the battery was not draining so fast. Not sure if that is your case but that was my experience with that app, and never ever going to install mcafee app again. Mine s7 edge too. Forgot to mention this was on Nougat not Oreo. I have had no issues with Oreo since the update. I just can't understand the problems people are getting, since I never had them.