S9 to S9 Pictures aren't sending, anyone else?


    Hi All.

    My wife and I both have Samsung GalaxyS9s, both T-Mobile.

    We can send text messages to eachother just fine using the Samsung Messages app.

    However, when we try to send images, it's reported as Delivered but the other side does not receive it.

    If I change to Android Messages and send a photo it works just fine.

    (Off-topic, but I CAN send to iPhones)

    Sending to other carriers (other phones as well) seems to work just fine.

    I tried to clear the cache/etc on both sides same effect. Talked to Samsung Support via chat, they're about worthless but saying I need to activate MMS from the carrier. (I believe MMS is working fine cause I can use another app and send mms images, unless there's just something I'm missing.)


    Anyone else having problems like this?

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