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    How can I increase the number of connections, greater then 8, on my hotspot?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: hotspot connections

        Hey there! What type of hotspot are you using? This may be a limitation that can't be increased, but I'm happy to check for you if you don't mind giving me a good starting point to do some digging! Thanks!

          • magenta4584943

            Re: hotspot connections


            I have a LG Aristo together with T-Mobile 1 unlimited. It permits up to 8 connections.


            I live in the shadow of a T-mobile tower and have excellent LTE coverage.


            Does T-Mobile have a wireless modem or router I can purchase? I want to continue with T-Mobile but the 8 connection limit is now a major problem.


            Thanks for your help,


              • tmo_marissa

                Re: hotspot connections

                Thank you for that! It looks like that's the max connection options available, and after combing the user manual and walking through the settings on my LG G6 (not the same phone but user interfaces for LG devices can be remarkably similar so I thought I'd check) I don't see any options to modify the number of connections past 8.

                We don't currently retail a router or modem, because to be totally honest, we don't recommend using T-Mobile service as a replacement for in-home internet. That said, if we work on something like this in the future, I am *sure* there will be a lot of excitement around it!