prepaid plan data service in Canada


    Hi T mobile:

    I don't live in USA and I have a T mobile SIM card with a pay as you go $3/month plan.

    I'll recharge my T mobile account and pay $10/week for 1GB data service during my business trip to USA, this pay as you go plan helps me a lot during these years.

    This time I'll have my business trip to Vancouver BC Canada in June, I'm not sure if this $10/week 1GB data plan works in Vancouver or not?

    If not, any good suggestion for using my T mobile sim card in Canada? Don't tell me that i have to buy another T mobile SIM card in Vancouver...

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: prepaid plan data service in Canada

        Hey, andrehuang, and welcome! Our current Pay-As-You-Go plans are actually for domestic use only. How long will you be in Vancouver? Although our service is designed for customers who spend the majority of their time in the US, if you're only travelling there for a bit it might make sense to look into switching to one of our postpaid monthly plans -- many of them include Canada and Mexico as local calling areas, and include free roaming data!
        International data roaming isn't available for prepaid accounts, but if you are interested in staying on a pay-in-advance plan and taking that to Canada, on T-Mobile ONE Prepaid you can call and message in Canada and Mexico just like you would in the US. You can find out more here: International roaming services.