Prepaid balance credit or transfer due to service issue


    I have been on T-Mobile's prepaid plan (voice only, no data) for over 10 years and had no issues until late 2017. Last few months have been crazy - my callers are transferred to the voicemail after two rings (caller hears the ring, but my phone actually doesn't ring). This happens randomly and i have been missing some important calls. I have called T-Mobile customer and tech support multiple times. T-Mobile has not been successful in resolving this issue. I tried replacing the SIM card, factory resetting the phone, transferring my SIM to a new phone - nothing has helped. My wife is on a similar T-Mobile prepaid plan, but she doesn't seem to have a service issue.


    Today, i called customer service requesting a refund of my prepaid balance so i can port my number to a different provider. The rep said refund is not possible. I then spoke to a Manager who presented me with two options:


    1) T-mobile can transfer my entire account balance to another T-mobile prepaid account (possibly my wife's account). But this option would get my account cancelled immediately and I cannot port out my number.

    2) I can port out my number to a different carrier, but I would have to forfeit my account balance (i have around $90 balance currently).


    Can T-Mobile transfer a portion of my funds to my wife's prepaid account and leave my prepaid account active? This will allow me to find carrier to port out and not forfeit all the funds.

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