(2) S8+'s "Device not registered on network" in roaming areas


    As titled, I have two identical S8+'s on my account (mine and fiances).  Seemingly in roaming areas, where coverage IS indicated on the map I get cell signal but no data, and if I go to make a call an error pops on the screen "device not registered on network".  I've Google'd this and found many results, but not specific enough to my situation.  Some saying to reset network settings, others about Network operator mode.  Can anybody shine some light on why this is happening and what the fix is? 


    For example, this happens every time I visit a town in PA (Weatherly) where pretty much the only cell signal is from Verizon that I know of.  This also happened in Penn station when about to get off the train.  Once I was in Penn, data came back and I was fine to make calls.  Unless my phone indicates data, I'm not making calls it seems. 

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hmm. What account type are you on? Do you spend a lot of time in roaming areas? You may have an account that doesn't have any data roaming available, or possibly exhausted the roaming data you have available.



          • chilinmichael

            I have One Plus (Unlimited everything).



            If I didn't have any roaming available, what brought you to the conclusion that "device not registered on network" would be the expected response? 


            As a side note, still need this resolved

              • chilinmichael

                Here's another piece of information, maybe this will help, maybe not.


                I ended up in Weatherly PA again as recently stated, and the issue persists.  This time, I tried changing network operator (not sure if this is correct to do) as I saw indicated cell signal but got "device not registered on network".  When changing network operator to Verizon I get something along the lines of my SIM card won't allow this or isn't provisioned to do so.  Now, here's a few questions:


                1. Does T-Mobile allow roaming or not? If so, what networks? What's the proper procedure for using said roaming?
                2. If no to above, then why does the coverage map indicate 4G LTE outside (and sometimes inside) at and around the address I'm at in PA, along with the surrounding area I drive in on where I don't have coverage for about 10 minutes into the town?
                3. If the answer to 1 is yes, then what's my issue here, why do both phones on my account have identical issues?


                Please note I did infact call T-Mobile support, and was bounced between two techs (one standard level, one advanced/expert) then a customer service rep all located in the Philippines lol.  None of them had technical knowledge beyond rebooting a phone, which was quite upsetting. 

            • tmo_amanda

              Hey, chilinmichael!


              I'm sorry your call into Tech Support didn't yield many answers. I'm happy to answer your three questions and see if we can try anything else.


              1. Yes, we have roaming agreements with different carriers. However, I don't see that we have an agreement to use the Verizon towers in the area.
              2. N/A
              3. It depends on the location but checking out the coverage in Weatherly, PA, there is T-Mobile coverage, however, it isn't a super strong signal. With the S8+, you should be able to pick up a signal while outdoors and in your car. However, indoors you will likely not see a signal.


              Since you've had your S8+'s, have you always had issues picking up a signal or getting the "not registered" error in Weatherly? How far away from Weatherly do you have to travel in order to be able to make a call or use data? When you got your S8+'s did you also get new SIM cards?

                • chilinmichael

                  To answer your response on 3, I've never had working cellular coverage in Weatherly.  I can stand outside and walk around, signal is indicated but I can't get a call off and get the aforementioned error.  Same on my fiance's identical phone.


                  I'd say I have to go at least a few miles out of Weatherly before I can make a call, but again, this is one major example where I've visited this place numerous times.  I've seen this happen elsewhere. 

                    • tmo_amanda

                      Thank you for getting back to me, chilinmichael! I totally understand that this is one of numerous locations that this happens on both your and your fiance's phones. When you purchased your S8+'s, did you put new SIMs in them or did you use the ones from your previous device (if the previous device was with T-Mobile)? We may need to resend a signal to your phones to refresh the network connection. To do so, you'll either need to work with Tech Support via 611 or you can work with our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter. You mentioned that you've already spoken with two reps in Tech Support with no luck. If you have social media, I absolutely recommend going that route.

                        • chilinmichael

                          The SIMs (and phones) are brand new, first time with your service. 

                            • chilinmichael

                              I'd also like to mention that I finally did get a call from T-Mobile and was told there was a "congestion issue" in that area and that has since been resolved on 5/4.  While I am doubtful it's fixed, I will certainly give it a try at the end of this month.


                              I also asked why the phone would attempt to connect to a network (Verizon) in an area you have no agreement with to use their towers, the explanation was that the phone attempts to connect to the strongest signal.  Working in IT and having sold phones for years in the past, and being on other carriers I find that explanation rather ridiculous, and more so if it's the truth.  This is NOT resolved despite a T-Mobile employee/rep logging into this forum to mark the other T-Mobile employee/rep's answer as correct. 

                                • tmo_lauren

                                  I went ahead and unmarked this as correct.


                                  That's great you received a call back on the resolution, fingers crossed it's something that positively impacts you. If it's not definitely feel free to post again.


                                  Your device can attempt to connect to any available network, however whether or not it actually works is dependent on if we have an agreement. That said, access to emergency services like 911 can cause your device to connect to what is available but would only be able to be used to make emergency calls.



                        • chris1rt

                          Was this resolved...same exact issue!  If so, can you please reply with a resolution

                          • magenta3613982

                            We have two Samsung S8 Actives.  We get this message a lot when not in a major area - very frustrating to not be able to make a call!  Any resolution?