Weak signal after Oreo update - Galaxy S8+ Unlocked


    So, before the update, I have 4-5 bars with the tower less that .5 miles from where I am. After the update, I get one bar with the occasional 2 bars. I get missed call offend now. Is there a radio firmware that t-mobile need to install with my unlocked phone to take full advantage of the t-mobile network?


    Support has sent me a new sim, but same issue.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        Thanks for reaching out. You shouldn't be required to install anything additionally, but we do frequently find that a master reset can help cement an update into functioning properly.


        Have you tried a reset on the device?



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        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, mwl128!


          Lauren made a great suggestion. After a software update, sometimes the phone just needs a good ole refresh. Here are steps to complete the reset: Device resets: Samsung Galaxy S8+

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          • tmo_mike_c

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            Have you had the chance to try the suggestion above? Please give that a shot and let us know how things are working. Thank you.

              • mwl128

                I did the master reset per the instructions. It didn't make a difference in the signal. I have wi-fi calling set to "Cellular Network Preferred" as before. I get drops calls when my phone try to switch from cellular to wi-fi. I have never had issue making and receiving calls at my house over cellular on t-mobile. Now, either the software is the issue, or t-mobile is making some network changes in my area that is causing this. Still showing 1-2 bars in areas where I normally get 3-5 bars.


                Also, I suggest using Samsung Smart Switch to do the backup instead of the instructions provided. I loose a lot of information that was suppose to have been backed up a couple hours before per the last backup message. I lose 90+ percent of my contacts, most of appointments, etc. After a day of trying to recover all my information, I am still not done. Also, the apps took a while to download and reinstall. Smart switch would be faster and cleaner.





                Samsung S8+

                Android version = 8.0.0

                Kernel version = 4.4.78-13001792 dpi@SWHD4902 #1 Wed Apr 11 18:20:44 KST 2018

              • jman76

                Re: Weak signal after Oreo update - Galaxy S8+ Unlocked

                Hi, i too have the exact same issue after the oreo update. Had full bars in my house, which is why i left att and came to tmobile. After the update, i get 1 maybe 2 bars if im lucky. Ive gone thru the whole gambit, talked with samsung they said tuff cookies, even though im under warranty. When i complained they said they would take it in but i would be without a phone for 2 weeks! TOTAL CRAP!  So im back on here to see if there has been any new info on this problem. Thanks!