What are you drinking?


    Is your favorite drink caffeinated, chilled, straight, or on the rocks? Maybe your favorite drink is full of hops?


    Today is National Beverage Day, so we'd like to know what you'd order to wet your whistle if you sidled up to a bar that offered absolutely everything. It can be as complex or simple as you like! Tell us what it takes to blend your favorite juice, or which La Croix flavor you buy in bulk. Do you think diet pop is sodalicious (and if you say that out loud, do people throw things at you? Asking for a friend.)? How fantastic is your chocolate milk moostache?


    Favorite brands, preference for bottles over cans, exact number of ice cubes required, whatever. Spill (not the actual drink, just the name and maybe some prep steps)! You'll have to imagine the virtual clinks, but no matter what you're drinking, cheers!

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