Missing Discounts for Existing Advantage Program


    I've had the Advantage Program since before 2014. I saw a promotion to add several lines, so I verified I could do so without losing the benefits of my Advantage Program:

    If you were part of the Advantage Program on or before March 31, 2014, you'll continue to receive a monthly discount. Even if you add a line after March 31, 2014, that new line is also eligible for the discount. Keep in mind, we may need to verify your information and current plan selection periodically to validate your eligibility, such as if you're still employed with a company.

    The Advantage Program discounts were removed from my existing line and are now being applied to only one of the cheapest of the new phone lines. I have verified my eligibility each year without fail and have the confirmation from the most recent verification. How do I keep the Advantage Program discount for all lines?



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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, magenta4907301!


        Thank you for joining our Support Community to see about getting your discount re-added to all lines. It's super odd that the discount is only applying to one line as it should automatically apply to all lines. Have you already talked to Customer Care about this? A ticket will need to be filed in order to get this fixed.

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        • magenta4907301

          I spoke with an Amanda just now, maybe it was you, tmo_amanda , regarding this question. It turns out that I have three lines billed at a promotional price, so the Advantage Program discount is not applied to those. My fourth line is billed at the normal cost for a fourth line (though I receive the KickBack discount), so the Advantage Program is applied to that line, only.


          Thanks for the help!

          • gloriav1990

            il sorry to say TMobile is horrible when it comes to this program I’ve obly had bad experience with them so far . Been a customer for 6+ yrs. When I started with TMobile I had the program and they would honor my discount one year they suddenly stopped the program and my discounts , when I called several times they said they no longer had the program that it was canceled . About 2 yes later in August 2018 my coworker told me they still had it I called and they did confirm they still had it that it never stopped. They had me re enroll and told me that because of the they would give me 150 dollars credited to my acct, and 15% monthly discount on my plan .they Changed my due date because they need to because this plan requires it But didn’t tell me until a month after when I had to call and ask why my date changed. Again they confirmed that the credit to my acct would appear in 2 business cycles and the discount too . Called two business cycles and nothing the rep jus gave me a credit for 30 dollars which would of been two months worth of discounts and asked me to wait one more month. Waited and nothing, called and they all of a sudden changed their story saying my phone plan doesn’t qualify for my discount that there’s no notes about a 150 dollar credit . Ok if I was lying why did more That’s two reps tell me they saw the notes , why would they credit me for two months of discounts and ask me to wait ??? Now I’m calling becuase I got a new device and according to the plan they are suppose to give me a goft card for 25 dollars and now they are telling me that I need to re enroll AGAIN. Every year which doesnt make sense since I enrolled in August ??? they will do anything not to honor this discount LIARS !!!

            • magenta4907301

              So I did get clarification to my satisfaction on the original question and thought the issue was resolved, but received a text message a few months ago saying, "Due to a system error, you were receiving a monthly discount.... This discount will be removed starting 2/19/19. You will not be charged for any previously received discounts. For more information, see t-mo.co/FAQ1."


              The issue is that someone went into my account and removed my Advantage Program discount. I still meet all the original qualifiers to receive the discount, my account has never lapsed, and I was reassured in the past that I would continue to be in the Advantage Program. My only guess is the new line in the FAQ saying, "Magenta/T-Mobile ONE plans aren't eligible for a service discount." It appears all available plans are Magenta or T-Mobile ONE plans.


              Is getting the discount back possible, or is this a lost cause? It was only for a couple dollars a month, but it definitely made me feel like I was getting a little something extra.