Anyone Here Still On a TMO Super Legacy Grandfathered Plan? I Still Am.


    What voice/text & data plan are you on?


    Anyone here still have there $5 PAU BTV Data Web Plan or did most move to Select/Simple Choice or TMO One. I'm still on my FT 500 N&W with unlimited text for $49.99 & 3 $5 AAL along with all 5 lines on $5 PAU.


    I wasn't able to take advantage of the 2 free lines in Nov 2016 & one free last march. Seems like new customers got the best deals with 20% hookup & kickback, even tho it ended last month. Plus because i am at Max of 5 lines I can't take advantage of BOGO promos that require a new line/port in.


    I do also have 2 free digit lines with paired data beta promo along with 3 Free MI Data on Demand lines that work great for extra TMO Tuesday deals. I added lines too late so I didn't get the 200 MB of data for life. I live in IL so the tax is rough almost $40. Thanks for taking the time to read & have a wonderful day!!    ☺️    


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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, qktreasures! Man, that BTV acronym brings back some memories! We offered "Bridge to Value" features and plans when we were in the middle of transitioning from the old two year contract/"subsidized" device model to the more straightforward no-contract, full price phone set-up we have today -- basically, when we were becoming the Un-Carrier!


        I'm glad the plan's still working for you! I am super stoked to read that there have been some promos you've been able to take advantage of; although I understand that others might have a limitation of only working with newer plans (because in many cases these grandfathered plans already offer a great value). Hitting that line max is tough, though, and oooo those taxes! Maybe we'll have an offering in the future that will get you the same or better features around this price -- I'll try to keep you and this post in mind if I see any deals that look really good! Thanks for sharing, and for being a T-mobile customer for so long. <3