Web page crashes while playing for G7


    T-Mobile Tuesday and I want to win a G7. I played on the webpage for each of our two lines and each time the webpage crashed. When I went back to the main "My Stuff" page, it said I'd already played. Now, I understand that my chances of winning a G7 are about the same as winning the Publishers' Clearinghouse drawing but I just want to know. If it said I've played does that mean my entry is in the drawing even if the page crashed before I finished?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Web page crashes while playing for G7

        Hey drnewcomb2


        A free phone would be awesome! Not to take any magic away from the game but also so you know that you are not losing anything. As soon as you click play, you are either a winner or not as soon as you click play and actually playing the game has not impact. So if the game/page crashed, as long as you clicked play, if you had won, you would have been notified.

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