Update issues anyone?


    Samsung Note 8. Newest update 8.0.0/9.0 experience.

    Has anyone been getting issues with this new update? I have been getting lots of app crashes, battery drain is bad compared to before, and this annoying navigation bar that won't go away. How can this be fixed?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Update issues anyone?

        Hey, chocolateman80! It definitely seems like you're not the only one -- tagging jessicavigna here, who posted about similar concerns shortly after you.

        What troubleshooting have you both completed thus far? I would recommend starting with these steps if you haven't gotten to them yet: Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy Note8 -- but I'll also say that many of our Community regulars and Pillars recommend completing a master reset and setting your device up as a new phone from scratch (not using a back-up) as standard practice after a major OS update. I know that's far more time consuming than a cache wipe, though -- have either of you had a chance to try that yet?

          • anto1964

            Re: Update issues anyone?

            Hi, I also have issues with the latest update, major issue actually as my note 8 is basically bricked!  Perpetual restart loop never getting past Samsung Galaxy Note 8 powered by Android screen.  This occurred after the latest update did not complete, showing the little android guy falling over and ERROR at the bottom of the screen.

            I have tried every key combination to try and reboot, reset, wipe, clear cache etc to no avail.  The only screen I could get to, other than the perpetual restart, was a blue warning screen 'Warning' "A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications" "If you want to download a custom OS press the volume up key"  Pressing volume up brings me to a 'Downloading Screen' with a do not turn off target message!

            At the top of this screen shows the following

            Carrier : TMB

            RPMB fuse blown


            CURRENT BINARY : Samsung Official

            SYSTEM STATUS : Official

            FRP LOCK : ON

            WARRANTY VOID : 0x0


            RPSWREV : B4(2,1,1,1,1) K2 S4


            DID : 205E8483A47D


            This screen just stays static with Downloading ... But nothing is downloading as SIM is removed and not connected to WIFI.


            Luckily I have my old S7 with me and have simply installed my SIM in the S7 but this issue has left me without all my number and apps as the S7 was wiped. (yes, I have a BU but so far unable to load) I am on assignment in China and this doesn't help as I can't simply run to the store and get it fixed / replaced.


            History:  Received note 8 last year and from the get go I had the occasional restart unprompted, no big deal I thought, then I started to receive the occasional error that no SIM installed after restart even though there was.  Finally managed to update to OREO and except for a minor uptick in unprompted restarts phone and no SIM, was working fine.  Then yesterday I said yes to the latest security update and now I find myself with a brick.  It will be August before I get back to the states so I expect I am paddle-less going upstream in t-mobile updates fecal creek.

            I would not recommend applying any updates from t-mobile until you research here and other places.


            A very unhappy t-mobile Note 8 customer!

            • void1980

              Re: Update issues anyone?

              I updated to Oreo on my note 8 a little bit ago and ever since I have been getting the sound and vibration that you get when an emergency alert is issued at random times with no alert.  There's no rhyme reason or pattern that I can tell and it will happen 5 or 6 times in an hour and then do nothing for most of a day but then start up again at 2 or 3 am.  Kinda making it hard to sleep at night and putting the phone on silent doesn't stop that particular problem.  Help before I throw the phone against the wall!.



                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: Update issues anyone?

                  Sorry to see everyone experiences issues!


                  Has anyone had an opportunity to try a master reset as suggested?



                    • void1980

                      Re: Update issues anyone?

                      Hi Lauren,


                        I haven't tried a master reset simply because I don't want to have to redownload and re-setup everything without knowing that this is an actual fix.  Dartboarding a master reset and having it not fix anything would just frustrate me to the point of angry since it is such a big Inconvenience without a sure result.  If it were a few minutes, that's one thing, but a master reset would take me hours to recover from.  Any other advice that doesn't involve blanking my phone and starting over?

                        • tmo_marissa

                          Re: Update issues anyone?

                          void1980 can you give this a shot: Safe mode: Samsung Galaxy Note8 and see if you're still getting these alerts? I know you've mentioned that it's happening at odd times, and operating in Safe Mode for an extended period to test might not be a dream come true, but if it doesn't happen in Safe Mode then a reset and set-up as a fresh device are in order, so you'd have the satisfaction of knowing before you go through with it!o


                          anto1964, can you try booting your device in Safe mode: Samsung Galaxy Note8 as well? We'd like to see if that can get you past the screens where you're currently bumping into trouble so that you can then master reset your device, which should hopefully clear the half-installed Google security patch!

                          wizard65, this is the first I've heard of password issues post-Oreo. Uninstalling and reinstalling the apps and a cache wipe are good first starts; I'm sorry that you weren't able to see results afterwards. Did you try the master reset yet?


                          And back to our OP -- chocolateman80! How are things going for you? We haven't heard back and I'm hoping that means that some of the original troubleshooting tips offered have been helpful. How are things going?

                            • anto1964

                              Re: Update issues anyone?

                              No luck I’m afraid.  Phone will not go past model notice ( Samsung galaxy note8) it hangs there without getting to the SAMSUNG logo (which is the cue for safe mode ) then goes into restart again.  Full cycle restart is approx 15 seconds every time.  As I stated earlier in this thread ‘I have tried every key combination’ to no avail.  Have connected To my computer and smart switch does not recognize device (recommendation from tech assist on tmobile chat)

                              I've just about given up, really can’t believe a $930 phone is ‘bricked’.  Mistake to buy from T mobile!!!! As I am overseas a lot and I’ll most likely have to pay to fix or buy new.  All initiated by a security update.

                              I’ll be out of China but still in S E Asia next week for a week or so and will try to find a Samsung Store, unlikely they’ll cover under warranty but worth a try.

                              I will also be chasing a refund from T-Mobile after I get to return the phone which will be August sometime....

                              expensive lesson learned.  No more carrier phones for me, straight from manufacturer next time.


                              unhappy?  Yeah I would say so!

                                • tmo_marissa

                                  Re: Update issues anyone?

                                  anto1964 that's so frustrating! Even when you try to master reset using hardware keys, it still stalls when starting back up the same way?


                                  When did you purchase the phone? Based solely on release date it should still be covered under the manufacturer's one year warranty -- why were you feeling that it was unlikely that Samsung would cover the device? Was that a concern based on location, or some other factor?


                                  While a return outside of the buyer's remorse timeline wouldn't be an option, if the phone's still under warranty then a replacement most definitely would be, either through T-Mobile's supplemental warranty program or the manufacturer's warranty. T-Mobile doesn't ship overseas, and I reached out to Samsung via their chat system and it looks like they aren't able to ship overseas either. Is there anyone on your account who is stateside? Would you be able to ship the phone to them and have them walk through this process for you, and then send the replacement back your way?

                                  It's awesome that you have a back-up with you -- I'm just trying to think of any possible resolution that gets you back into a Note8 sooner than the end of summer!

                                    • anto1964

                                      Re: Update issues anyone?

                                      Thanks  for the prompt reply.  Yes, frustrating indeed!

                                      I believe I would still be under warranty until September.

                                      Unlikely based on previous overseas experience with my S7.  Samsung store in Bangkok would not cover warranty because the phone was purchased outside of Thailand.  Similar scenario to my note 8 ‘bricked’.... serious problems with two Samsung’s in a row, perhaps I should go back to iPhone but I do like my note8.


                                      Shipping the phone is not really feasible from where I am.  Middle of China and very remote so would not trust it, nor do I have anyone on my account stateside.

                                      I might have better luck with a Samsung store next week as I will be in Hongkong .... or they may simply respond the same as Samsung Bangkok.


                                      Anyway I will try to get it fixed / replaced in HK next week and will let you know the result.  If unsuccessful I will return the phone to T-Mobile when I am stateside again in August.


                                      Thanks for taking an interest

                                        • tmo_marissa

                                          Re: Update issues anyone?

                                          Two bricked devices in a row?! Goodness gracious! I don't blame you for sticking with it, though -- I have never been able to adapt to iOS, and am now thoroughly hooked on LG's user interface too, so I've become a really habitual phone buyer. Sometimes we just like what we like!



                                          I hope you have a good experience in Hong Kong!

                                            • anto1964

                                              Re: Update issues anyone?

                                              Update on my bricked note 8 (now un-bricked and currently downloading 4gig BU).  As I previously mentioned I was leaving China for a week or so with first stop Hong Kong, absolutely no luck with guarantee in two shops purporting to be Samsung establishments in HK.  Next stop Bangkok, Samsung staff were most helpful but were unable to do anything (they did try) but they do not work with US firmware / software according to one helpful employee.  They suggested I could go to XXX place and they would fix but not official and would lose guarantee.  So, having checked into my hotel I went at it myself.  Found a download of the latest firmware and loaded through Odin3, after many many hours of trying over a couple of days I succeeded in getting the phone to boot up (if only youtube were around when I was young!!!)  Too many failures to count but at some point I must have checked the correct boxes / key combinations....Yeah!!!

                                              I was fully aware that I may be losing my guarantee but all my research indicated that this was an official firmware I was loading, the phone had never been rooted, and now when I check the 'About Phone' > 'Status' > 'Device Status' it states 'Official'.  The T-Mobile original apps are in place and working as are the Samsung apps, and all of the apps I previously loaded, so the question is!! As I managed to fix this myself using Odin3 does this mean my guarantee is null and void?

                                              Otherwise glad to have my note 8 functioning again, just hope it stays that way.  BTW, the weather here is fantastic!!! ;-)tmo_marissa

                                      • void1980

                                        Re: Update issues anyone?

                                        Hey tmo_marissa ,


                                        Finally had time and the opportunity to put my note 8 into safe mode and... no dice, about 5 minutes into being in safe mode, I got the same random emergency style notification (complete with sound since the ringer volume was up).  Any other ideas?  I can't keep getting woken up by this thing and it really doesn't appeal to me to keep it if it can't even receive a system update without something like this happening.




                                      • dastroyah

                                        Re: Update issues anyone?

                                        These phones are 1000$+.. should stop suggesting the full reset of the phone, that will do nothing but continue to **** people off. I know because I'm one of those people. After this update, my apps and homescreen icons have been moved and resized. Cant move anything to the bottom half of screen. Furthermore considering your a phone company, why does this support forum not fit my phone. Cant see my message, cant flip to side..... crazy.

                                • wizard65

                                  Re: Update issues anyone?

                                  I have an issue where I can no longer login to my banking apps, I get incorrect User ID/password.  They are correct and they work on the websites, and they worked BEFORE the last update.  All the banking passwords have special characters in them, so it seems like for some reason, the latest update isn't inserting, or reading the special characters properly.


                                  I tried a cache partition wipe, but not a master reset.  this problem has only occured with the last update, I have tried uninstalling and resinstalling the apps, no success.  Trying to find where to log the issue is a painful exercise.

                                  • tmo_marissa

                                    Re: Update issues anyone?

                                    anto1964, I'm so glad that your phone is working. I do think that the Samsung employees were correct about the warranty -- the general understanding is that the only "official" firmware is that which is released and provided by the manufacturer, so it would come to you via OTA or through Kies/SmartSwitch. I would trust their advisement -- but as you said, this was the choice that you made and it definitely sounds like your priority (having a working device) was achieved! So that's great!


                                    void1980 ugh, I'm sorry that wasn't the ticket! I was hoping that would show that a third party app was the issue; rather than the device -- but if it's still happening, then the last resort would be the Master Reset that was originally suggested, and following through by setting the phone up as a new device afterwards (rather than restoring from a back-up). I know that this is exactly what you were trying to avoid, I'm sorry I don't have more options to provide!