Corporate Office number??


    Can anyone give me the number to the corporate office?  Customer care is insanely inadequate. 

    I just switched over from verizon and submitted my DD214 to take advantage of the military rates. 

    Well, my last name on my DD214 is my old married name, and now I have a new married name. 

    In order to prove my military service, they want me to submit ALL of the following:

    1.  Birth Certificate

    2.  Social Security Card

    3.  Old Marriage License

    4.  Divorce Decree

    5.  Current Marriage License. 


    Apparently my first and middle name, my social security number, and my date of birth on my DD214 is insufficient!!!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Corporate Office number??

        Oh wow!


        We totally want you to take advantage of this offer, and I apologize you're having trouble getting the help you need. The main focus is getting this resolved, and I think our T-Force folks can help you out with this. You should reach out to them via the Facebook or Twitter links on our Contact Us page. I know they have the resources to check this out for you further, and if there's any alternate to getting this resolved, they'll find it. They are an awesome team and I highly encourage that you give them a shot. You are welcome to reach out to our T-Mobile Customer Relations however, it is a mailing address instead of a phone number. In my honest opinion, I think we can get someone to help you faster than sending in a letter.