When T-Mobile extend coverage near Clarksburg, MD?


    Official Coverage Map is not accurate near Clarksburg, Maryland. I would like request to extend coverage near Clarksburg, Maryland. Cause there are so many new houses and shopping center such as outlet mall. But the T-Mobile signal is NOT strong enough to talk, even there are "no service zone". Please investigate this Clarksburg, MD area for extending coverage. Thank you! 

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      • lmaocean

        Hey there!


        It is so sad to hear that you cannot take advantage of T-Mobile's very impressive 4G LTE speeds at your residence area!


        At this moment, I am most concerned that you aren't able to use your devices at home, so I'll link you to a T-Mobile support article about ordering a Personal CellSpot, which acts like a small cell tower, allowing extended range of the T-Mobile 4G LTE network at your residence.


        There are different CellSpot models that are available, so let me clarify:

        T-Mobile offers two different CellSpot devices.

        • 4G LTE Signal Booster
        • 4G LTE CellSpot Mini Tower

        The main difference between the two devices is that

        1. The Signal Booster requires that your place of residence has at least minimum one bar of 3G, 4G HSPA+, or 4G LTE indoor signal and a 3G, 4G HSPA+, or 4G LTE device (T-Mobile or BYOD). This basically means that your home needs to have some T-Mobile service available there in order for this device to work properly. If you don't get ANY T-Mobile service, whether cellular or data service, this device will NOT work.
        2. The CellSpot Mini Tower requires that you have high-speed Internet at your residence. It will connect to your modem, and take some of your home internet's bandwidth. To clarify: you need broadband internet service at home (If you have WI-FI at home from Comcast, U-Verse, or etc., this is the device you should look for.) This device does not require the signal that is needed for the Signal Booster device.


        As for requesting T-Mobile to investigate their cellular coverage at a specific area, I recommend that you call T-Mobile (611 on your phone), message T-Mobile reps on myT-Mobile, email them, or use their several social media accounts to talk to a rep about it. This is a support forum, therefore the urgency of support will vary. Keep in mind, I'm not a T-Mobile representative.


        I hope your problems are solved. Please let me know on what I can help.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, magenta5154331!


          lmaocean did one heck of a job making some signal booster recommendations until coverage improvement is headed your way. From checking out the area, I don't see any signal enhancements headed your way within the next 60 days, however, you can make your voice heard by filling out this petition.

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            • magenta9139588

              So Im seeing that this thread is a year old now and that the last reply says there would be improvements after 60 days of the original post. It being a year later I can say that there are no improvements. Clarksburg MD is still having issues of Drop Calls, Spotty Coverage, Slow Speeds, Few Bars, Voice Clarity and Signal Reception.


              Not in use, signal is typically seen between 1-2 bars. Calling anyone immediately drops it down to 1 bar with good chance of dropping the call. If the call does management to hold, its very spotty making communicating with anyone frustrating and impossible. Forget about mobile internet speeds, its pretty much non-existent.


              With 5G service becoming a thing now, what are the chances that Tmobile will actually improve the network in this area?