700 MHz/12 band "extended LTE" status for Nebraska?


    I've looked at the coverage map for Lincoln, Nebraska, and there's nothing but mid-band spectrum covering the area. I read where T-Mobile has 700 MHz 12 band they were rolling out, but haven't heard anything recently on it as it's all about the 600 MHz/71 band, which does me no good as I have a brand new iPhone 8 which only supports the 12 band.

    Basically, I get good signal outside, but inside some buildings it completely goes to "No Service". I can't even get text messages, let alone make a call, and forget pulling up a webpage. Is there any link or resource that shows T-Mobile's upcoming planned towers? The thing is, I don't think more towers is the issue---I think the mid-band spectrum is just horrible for obstacles/buildings. So is T-Mobile planning on continuing to roll out their 700 MHz, and is Nebraska even on the radar for this? Thank you

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