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First Billing Cycle


    I signed up for T-Mobile military one plan on 17 May 2018. I was told that my billing cycle would be 30 days after I signed up. Around 21 May I noticed that my billing cycle said June 9th. I went to a local store and the manager called T-Mobile to get it fixed. He and the T-Mobile representative assured me that the billing cycle would get changed. On 25 May I noticed that the billing cycle was not changed and I called T-Mobile myself. Again the T-Mobile Customer Support representative assured me that they had fixed it and my billing cycle would in fact be on the 15th.


    I was going to address this issue again however my father passed away on 28th May and I have been wrapped up with getting him and his Affairs taken care of. Today I get a text from T-Mobile saying thank you for your payment.


    This early payment would not have been so bad if it was not for the fact that I am covering the cost of my father's funeral. Believe it or not at this dark time of my life, an unexpected payment like this puts me in financial woes.


    I am posting this because I just got off the phone with yet another T-Mobile operator and she assured me that it would be updated. I am losing my faith in you T-Mobile.


    I don't want your sorries for the troubles that you have caused.

    I don't want to hear how this is a definite opportunity, then you thank me for taking the time to post on here and letting you know!


    I want to see results! If I don't, this will be the last billing cycle I am with T-Mobile. I will not accept these results from what is supposed to be a world-class company.