Samsung Note 4 serious issues


    After 3+ years of flawless use I'm experiencing serious issues with my Note-4 phone. After 2 days research I discovered there are thousands of ppl having similar issues. I wonder how many T-MO customers have this same problem.


    Solved: Note 4 rebooting, restarting, freezing, not restar... - Page 22 - Samsung Community - 121025


    Please check this link to read about the issue. I really hope I can fix this instead buying new phone.
    Since I know enough about phones, operating systems programing etc (I'm IT guy) I am almost sure the problems are caused by Android software updates (pushed from Samsung through the T-MOBILE network). I would like to know how T-Mobile would address this problem (despite the post header says it is resolved) it is not.Note4 does not restart, it shuts off randomly, I cannot turn it bak on unless I remove Batt for few min. At times it becomes slugish and not responsive. I use this phone for about 4 years and had no issues until last 1-2 months.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Samsung Note 4 serious issues

        Hey, Art! Sorry to read about the less-than-peak performance of your Note 4. I took a look at the link you shared and yowza, it does seem like a lot of folks having trouble! FWIW, I haven't seen a recent increase in threads regarding Note 4 woes in our Support Community, but that doesn't mean that there aren't more folks experiencing trouble -- just that we haven't been exposed to a lot of it here.

        It sounds like you know your way around a phone, haha! Have you tried factory resets and setting the phone up as a new device after any of the updates you mentioned? Or more basic steps like a cache wipe? Does your phone still exhibit this behavior in Safe Mode?
        One thing I can say, just generally speaking, is that most apps updates are developed, compatibility wise, for the most recent iteration of the software, so as phones age we do know that there can be compatibility issues that make things funky. Do you notice your Note 4 lagging or shutting off while using any specific app or during any specific process more frequently than others? Lastly, how much available memory do you have on the device?

        Sorry for the laundry list of questions here; just trying to offer any suggestions I can think of for troubleshooting and/or pinpointing the problem!

        • magenta3493625

          Re: Samsung Note 4 serious issues

          Neither SAMSUNG or T-MOBILE care to resolve issues. I've spent 2 hrs in the T-MO store today and already few days trying to resolve the problem. I was able to do factory reset an reboot my phone. While in setup process (retrieving my account info from Google the phone suddenly rebotted and is having issues booting up again. This is obviously SOFTWARE ISSUE and there is nothing wrong with the phone hardware. provide download option so I can download and install OS version which came originally with the phone (Android 4.1 or at least v5.1). Whoever is using those two versions has no issues.  I'm sick and tired with bouncing back and forth between Samsung and T-Mo and Google. 



          At this moment whoever reads this post - I do not recommend buying Samsung phone, PERIOD!

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Samsung Note 4 serious issues

              Oh no! That's an awful lot of effort to go through to try to get your phone working, I don't blame you for being frustrated.
              For proprietary reasons, software versions aren't made available for download. Ages ago, there used to be methods through Kies to roll back updates, but for whatever reason that changed a few years back (I'd assume maybe for similar proprietary concerns?). What has Samsung been advising you to do -- more or less the same troubleshooting steps, or did they have any different input? I know that the device would be past its standard manufacturer's warranty, did you have insurance on the line that would extend that warranty? I'm not sure that at this point there would be Note 4s available to replace the phone with, but there may be a comparable alternative?

            • ellemo

              Re: Samsung Note 4 serious issues

              Hi there magenta3493625,


              Did you ever get a solution to your Note 4 issue?  I am now experiencing all of the things you noted in your post and have hit brick wall after brick wall...I'm afraid to finally do a Master Reset, that I may not be able to retrieve all of my info and photos, etc.  Would you let me know, if you could please, what you finally came up with?


              Thank you in advance for your time.



              • magenta6705947

                Re: Samsung Note 4 serious issues

                I too had this problem for two weeks and did every step known to try to fix it. One day it was a black screen to never start again as it fried the motherboard. So do a backup now! On all note 4s no mater what.