Coverage in Northern Indiana


    I'm frequently in the Warsaw, IN area, zip code 46582, for work. The coverage map shows LTE but even outdoors, I never have more than 1/4 bars of LTE. Most often, I have an Edge data connection which won't do anything at all. This same situation occurs all the way up IN-15 to just over the Michigan border before I finally get strong enough LTE signal to use data.


    Are the LTE towers that sparse in northern Indiana? Why is there 2G coverage but no 3G coverage?


    I have an iPhone 8 so I assumed I'd be able to pick up whatever LTE signal was available in these areas.

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      • magenta5269158

        Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

        For what it's worth, their coverage maps seem to be quite inaccurate.  In western Missouri, there is a large area where the coverage map shows "fair signal", while I can not get any signal at all, outdoors, on top of a hill, while holding my phone high in the air.  I suspect they fudge the numbers so they can paint most of the map mageta, except for the most sparsely populated areas.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

          Hey, joelachr and magenta5269158! Thanks for joining and posting -- I wish that it weren't for service trouble!

          joelachr, fair LTE coverage should provide service outdoors and occasionally indoors -- our internal map says that we have LTE 1900 there. It does look like there's a congested site in the area, which can definitely complicate things. If I drop pins along the map moving up 15, I can see what you're saying -- in fact, you're right -- in some areas along that route, the 2G service is stronger than the LTE. That said, I don't think (at least not outdoors) that it makes sense for you to have no service. The congestion may be to blame for that, depending on how bad it is.

          It's not always possible (because when the site is congested, service trouble can be expected) but I think it's worth reaching out to our Tech team to see if they can file a trouble ticket for this location. Otherwise, I know it's not as comforting as being able to provide a date; but I will say that when we're aware of congestion that location is already on our radar as an area that needs improvement.


          magenta5269158, if you'd like to give me a cross street or landmark in the part of Western MO where you've been having trouble connecting, I'm happy to take a look at our internal map to check on that area as well! It also helps to know what type of device you're using, as well. Thanks!

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

            Hi there!


            Just checking in to see if we can answer any more coverage questions. Please let us know. Thanks!

            • joelachr

              Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

              In these fair LTE coverage areas, how much does being inside a vehicle affect signal versus being outdoors?


              Sitting in my car outside the office yesterday evening, I had no service. On my drive home yesterday evening, I had essentially no service from Leesburg, IN to Three Rivers, MI. The only exceptions to that were a few minutes here and there of 2G signal and LTE coverage in Goshen, IN.


              How long should I be expecting the tower congestion issue in the Warsaw area to last?

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

                  Any kind of obstacle that is between you and the cell tower is going to have some sort of impact on how strong the signal is once it hits your phone. This is not limited to homes and vehicles however. During the months when vegetation is strong, the leaves on the trees present an obstacle for the signal too.


                  As far as the congestion goes, the site that serves the Warsaw area is no longer congested but the coverage is most dense in Warsaw and just east of Winona Lake. AS you travel further outward, the signal gets weaker and obstacles make it that much harder for the signal to reach your phone.  

                • zhollopeter

                  Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana



                  Cellular service is still atrocious in Warsaw, IN area. No improvement has been made between the original post and today‘s date. There are still multiple dead spots around Warsaw, IN and Columbia City, IN. The surrounding towers in Logansport, Fort Wayne, and Mishawaka Area do NOT suffice for the Warsaw area. Are there any plans to improve the cellular strength in this area?



                    • green1

                      Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

                      Can confirm, besides living in a dead zone in town for 2 yrs, the service in town and in Wynona is currently down or at E.

                      Warsaw regularly attracts STEM talent from all over the globe, and people usually just change plans when they get here.

                    • joelachr

                      Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

                      I agree, the signal is still awful even with the congestion fixed. Are there plans to upgrade the service? As mentioned above, are there any towers actually in Warsaw?


                      Why is there 2G EDGE service instead of 3G UMTS? The 2G signal is worthless for data. LTE is great but 3G would be acceptable, especially for the out of town areas from Warsaw to the Michigan border.

                      • joelachr

                        Re: Coverage in Northern Indiana

                        Does anyone know what LTE bands are being used in the Warsaw & Northern Indiana areas?