Porting mobile number from TextNow is a NIGHTMARE


    Over the past 3 days I've been extremely frustrated with the process of porting my TextNow number to T-Mobile only to be denied in the verification process.

    What T-MOBILE said they needed from me to complete the port was my TextNow Account Number, my TextNow PIN, and to confirm the billing address TextNow had on file for me. All these things are required.

    The TextNow account number is my TextNow phone number.
    The TextNow PIN is by default 1234.

    Now here is the real curve ball. I needed to verify the address billing address i gave TextNow. I never gave TextNow a billing address. I tried asking TextNow support chat powered by zendesk (who are INCREDIBLY rude and uncaring) what address could they have? I tried several of my addresses and all were denied T-Mobile said it was the incorrect zip code.

    I found this 10 month old thread where i finally gleamed a possible solution to this. I linked the thread at the end of this post.

    TEXTNOW by DEFAULT uses their own company address as the billing address on file for all accounts that are missing address information.

    Another issue. Countless times TextNow reps told me to have T-MOBILE email them at porting@textnow.com
    The T-Mobile Number Transfer Center VEHEMENTLY apposed this. Saying that i am the account holder and they needed the information to come from me, that it is against Policy to request sunscriber account information via email. I was refused by 3 different t-mobile reps. They still have not sent an email to TextNow in regards to this.

    I've had to through hours of customer care with T-Mobile, I had to read countless threads in the community forum searching for answers because since I am just a Premium App Subscriber, no one will even tell me my own information.

    I was able to learn through the @TextNowHelp Twitter team that the mysterious account number
    Was my TextNow phone number and that my PIN is 1234.

    I hate being in this pickle. ALSO TEXTNOW does not have customer care phone line. No one for t-mobile to call. They only have a community forum and their atrocious attempt at a support chat which is powered by a third party.

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