Coverage on I-80 in Iowa & Nebraska


    While travelling on I-80 through western IL, Iowa, and Nebraska, my Samsung S9 showed "E" instead of 4G or 4G LTE.  I found that if I went to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode and changed it to LTE/3G (auto connect) I was most often able to get a 4G or 4G LTE signal.  Can you put out a fix to automatically select a data connection on a partner network instead of the E coverage?  It was very frustrating to lose data coverage and I could have been in a real bind if I had needed a data connection in case of a breakdown in the middle of the night.


    Also, what are your plans to improve coverage in Iowa and western IL?  There were times I didn't have a signal at all, which is surprising on a major interstate and with one of your most advanced phones.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Coverage on I-80 in Iowa & Nebraska

        Hey there, magenta5367531!


        Welcome to our Support Community! I'm glad you came here to find answers with what's happening with our network in Iowa and Illinois; let's see if I can get you some answers. The majority of the I-80 drive headed west in Iowa is considered "partner coverage" which means that speeds and connections vary. While we'd love for phones to automatically select the fastest network possible, that's a development request via Android software engineers and the device manufacturer. The good news is that we are doing a TON of upgrades in the Iowa/Illinois area and adding a good amount of towers that'll be running on 700 mHz or in some cases adding 1900/2100 mHz towers. It appears that the site upgrades and new towers builds should be completed by the end of this month, but don't quote me on that only because sometimes there are delays due to weather, material availability, scheduling, etc.

        • magenta5367531

          Re: Coverage on I-80 in Iowa & Nebraska

          I'm heading out on this route again this summer.  Have there been any upgrades to either the Android system to address this issue or your partner coverage on I-80 since last summer?