"Modernizing" = no international roaming?


    T mobile one customer here. Can't get any signal in Vancouver, BC since arriving yesterday. Roaming is on. Airplane mode is off. This is something I've done successfully many times. Tech support says they are "modernizing" the network and it will be down for at least three days. Seriously?  How am I supposed to work? The entire network is down for Vancouver?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, piano_nina!


        This sounds a bit off. We utilize our partnership with Bell Canada to extend service to T-Mobile customers. I'm not seeing anything on my end that indicates we no longer have a partnership with them, instead, it sounds like you were provided misinformation. You may not be able to connect due to a provisioning issue. I'd recommend getting in touch with our T-Force team to have them review your account and make sure you're properly provisioned. I know you mentioned that you frequent the area and haven't had issues in the past but it truly sounds like a provisioning issue to me. You can work with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.

          • piano_nina

            Yes, it was bad information given to me by tech support.  How frustrating!

            Turns out the account had been (mis)flagged for fraudulent activity.  Once

            they realized the error, I was up and connected in about 2 hours.


            I can't help but wonder if the tech I spoke to didn't know the answer and

            just wanted to get rid of me.  The tech who was able to identify and fix

            the problem said there were no system outages anywhere.