My iphone is paid off from Tmobile. I requested an email to unlock the iphone I received it, followed the steps exact but when my phone rested and i inserted the NEW SIM card from a different carrier. It read " SIM NOT SUPPORTED" .."ITS NOT A HARDWARE ISSUE WITH THE PHONE..REQUEST iPHONE BE UNLOCKED BY YOUR CARRIER". I called T-mobile and they told me it should have worked and that even though its not a hardware issue i call APPLE. which i did and they were on the phone with me for a good hour resetting the iphone but by the end of the call and the iphone restored numerous times it still did not work , they advised me to call T-mobile again. I was looking over my EMAIL t-mobile sent me to unlock iphone and the IMEI # on the email for the iphone is DIFFERENT than the IMEI # on the iphone, could that be an issue?? PLEASE ADVISE.

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