sim transfer from old phone to new


    I have an old G2 flip phone with a TMobile sim - can I transfer the sim to a new G4 cell phone?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: sim transfer from old phone to new



        You say "old" -- if the SIM has been deactivated (e.g. you can't use your G2 with said SIM), then, no.  You'll definitely need a new SIM.


        If the SIM is the same size and will fit in the new device, then "generally yes" -- although, T-Mobile recommends upgrading your SIM every few years since there's updated information on tower connectivity and other features (WiFi Calling being one example) in newer SIMs.

        • magenta4859272

          Thanks for the information Simple....- very helpful. The sim in the old flip phone is still activated and in use but 2G  only intermittently functional in my area depending on exact location. Good advice about need for updating sim.