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    Hi I'm using my polish TMobile sim card here in US and I'm using TMobile 2g network for roaming but I can not make a call or receive one. I hear message that ''services has been restricted  or is unavailable please contact customer care. Message ca 126-65''

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Roaming problem

        Hey zazu4 


        Sorry to hear you are having troubles roaming here in the USA. The message you are getting leads me to believe there is a restriction on your T-Mobile Poland account. DO you happen to know their customer care number?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Roaming problem

          Happy Monday, zazu4!


          Were you able to get in touch with T-Mobile Poland to see about your roaming permissions. We'd love to help but are not partnered with T-Mobile Poland and do not have access to your account. If you have a T-Mobile USA SIM, that's something we're able to help out with. Keep us posted!

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Roaming problem



            Just curious if you've been able to reach out to T-Mobile Poland customer care team for more help. Please let us know. Thanks.

              • zazu4

                Re: Roaming problem

                Hi, sorry for late reply, i was going through Pacific and had some problems with internet... T-Mobile Poland said that everything is ok on their side... now I'm in China and have same problem like in US and still they do not see the problem.... Looks like phone with Polish network is useless abroad... ehhh... I hope I will not need a phone in emergency....


                Thx guys for answers.