Connection keeps going to "H", but I have no internet connection, need it for work

    In a couple certain areas, my phone always loses internet connection and says it's on "H". I need my phone in order to clock in and out of work, and it will just load or connect indefinitely. The main issue is inside and in front of a client's house, but when I just go across the street, it usually connects (but not always). It seems to be RIGHT where their house is that's the issue. But I do seem to be getting "H" more and more frequently in various, random places, so my internet connection is getting more and more unreliable. I try restarting my phone, and that used to work at first, but now it no longer does and it's just getting worse. How can I fix this? I really need my connection to work for my job.


    I tried searching forums, but the T-Mobile website is hard to navigate 

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