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    I recently filed a claim to replace my mother's damaged Galaxy S5 after she had dropped it and broke the screen. Assurant notifed me that they no longer carried the S5 and would send the S7 instead. The upgrade was a nice surprise, however, all they sent was the bare phone. This would be fine and even acceptable if they were replacing it with the same model, however since they're not I don't understand why the accessories that are typically included when you purchase the phone new weren't included. My mother is not very tech savvy, so the phone manual is actually a big deal. The S7 has a sd tray that requires a pin tool to open it in order to install the sim card, and her charger from the S5 will not work with the S7. I would gladly send all the original manuals and accessories back with the damaged s5. Since it is Assurant that chose to replace her phone with a different model, shouldn't all of these necessary accessories have been sent with the replacement phone?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Replacement model

        I'm going to start my statement with "yes, I agree with you"


        However, there's a huge but.


        You asked Asurion to warranty a phone that was released over four years ago.  That means you've been paying this monthly warranty fee for that long.  Then, you probably paid a deductible.  Add up everything you paid for this service and compare it to a new device.  Also, compare your frustration to the cost of a new (old stock) S5 from the likes of Amazon.  I apologize for the anger that's in your mind right now over this, but this is the reason I hate these type of extended warranties.


        But, in Asurion's defense:

        1. You're asking them to warranty a phone that they don't have in stock any longer because it's probably well past it's useful age (I know it still works.  My sister's Windows XP machine still works.  Doesn't mean I trust it to be used because it hasn't received security patches....)
        2. Asurion's business is replacing just the device.  Even back when T-Mobile provided warranty service, if you got a replacement device of the same, they only sent you the "guts" -- you had to keep your battery and even back because they didn't supply it.  They don't have the full device, manuals, cables, etc that comes with it.


        So, yes, ideally if you were given a different device where your accessories wouldn't work, you should be given the basic ones (charging cable - that's what is always provided with a phone).  But, unfortunately, the business model of accessoryless refurbs that Asurion carries doesn't afford this.



        On a side note, my last few devices have been purchased directly from Google (Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Pixel 2).  I've had to perform warranty exchanges with Google for two of the devices.  Both were replaced with new devices (with me returning the old).  The new devices included accessories, manuals, etc.  It's the way they chose to do their business model of warranty.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Replacement model

          Hey, bwik62! Thanks for posting. I took a look at the FAQ on Assurant's site to see if I could snag an answer for you -- the closest thing I was able to find was the following:


          This program covers the device and the standard charger, standard battery and SIM card (if applicable to your device). Accessories provided as part of your original purchase are covered only in the event of the simultaneous loss or theft of both the device and the accessory.


          That makes it seem like the charger would be provided if both the device and charger were lost simultaneously; but I hear you that in the circumstances where a device is being replaced with an alternate and the existing charger doesn't work for the alternate phone, providing a charger would be a good call. I am happy to pass that feedback up on our side -- did you have a chance to provide this feedback to Assurant as well?


          In case it's helpful, I did want to share this link: User guide & Getting started: Samsung Galaxy S7  -- it has the quick start guide and the full user manual for the S7 as downloadable pdfs. I know that's not quite the same as a hard copy, but personally I actually find them easier to work with since they're much larger and searchable!