Can't believe how cheap service has become over the years.


      When cell service was first turned on about 35 years ago - cost per line was $45/mo. (no min. incl.) , 45 cents/min in and out calling (20 cents at nite).  Text and data did not exist.  If you left your home town, often would pay $2/day plus $1/min or more to roam.


       Now on our TM bill

        8 lines - $180/mo.    What brings the costs down on 7 lines is $10/mo.  "kickback" because under 2G of data.   $5 back on all lines because of autopay.

       In addition, get free Neflix (worth about $10/mo).  Get "free" intl. roaming.  Autopay by credit card gives us a 1.5% credit fm.card co., worth almost $3. 

       If they still offered kickback feature, would add a couple more lines.

      Cost breakdown is :

    First 2 lines - $65 each   Less $15/line in rebates

    Each additional is  $25   Line is $10 after the $10 under 2G data rebate and the $5 autopay rebate. 

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