Trade-in requirements for a BOGO deal


    I was thinking of switching and taking advantage of this iPhone BOGO deal: Apple iPhone Deals | Buy One Get One On Apple iPhones | T-Mobile

    I am looking for some clarification on the details on the trade-in requirements. The fine print in regard to the trade-in reads: "Trade-in must be in good working order without physical or liquid damage with the activation lock, anti-theft feature, or Find My iPhone feature turned off. "


    I have an iPhone 5s that I kept as a backup that I wanted to trade-in. With regard to the physical damage, does that mean zero wear and tear? The phone I have works perfectly touch id, screen, iCloud unlocked, etc. But the back has wear on it and there seems to be a tiny hairline crack in top left corner. (See Pics Below). So how picky are they on the trade-in? Would this work or should I see if I can buy an old phone from a friend or family member? Thanks!





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