Galaxy S10 Pro -IF they make one would you want it ?


    The idea is IF they make a Galaxy S10 Pro which uses the 4000 Mah Battery from the Active Series but looks like the Galaxy S10 but a little thicker (for the Battery Increase ).

    But same size ( hopefully as the S9-which feels like a smaller phone in pocket ).


    Also - possibly a flat screen so glass protectors can more easily  be used and to make it more rugged, premium RAM , storage and all features from S10- whatever those are.


    The idea is that Professionals who use their phone like a laptop , power users , and don't CARE if the phone is 1.2 millimeters thicker can get a more rugged device possibly with 8 Gig RAM instead of 6Gig RAM for about $120 extra -think of a 2 year or 3 year device.


    Is there a demand for this ?

    Is there a slim chance that T-Mobile might even request this Model with enough pre register requests to celebrate the new LTE Bands and merger  with Sprint.


    Is there a chance that I can buy one .?


    I don't work for Samsung or Tmobile but someone said if the demand is there, Samsung  might do it.


    IF the 'Active Series'  had no plastic protector (which scratches easily) over the glass and extra RAM  - it would be close to what I describe...except the 'Pro ' would allo us to choose our own case and again- NOT having the curved screen is more rugged especially with tempered  glass.


    Who would want one and what would it need ?

    I tried to keep it simple because Samsung will not add many features or reinvent the wheel other than their normal course.

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