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    When I bought these SUPM50433 SAM GS9 PG TEMPURED CURVED GLASS 1 @ 44.99 and SUPM50434 SAM GS9 PLUS PG TEMPURED CURVED GLASS 1 @ 44.99, I was told if something happened to them all I had to do was bring it back in and it would be replaced for free. So I go back in due to my sons came off in his book bag and it cracked. Now I am told that the girl that told me that was fired and I can't get it replaced for free. That it doesn't cover cracks, she lied? Strange that the manager of the store was their when she told us this with no arguments from him at that time. So I pay almost 7 bucks for shipping for a replacement from the manufacturer that comes to me months later and it arrives cracked!! So I buy one from amazon for 5 bucks. I go back in to the store today to see what plans I can get to lower my bill. Thought I could add a fourth line to lower my bill but that promo is over I was told. So my lady asked to get her screen cover replaced and the guy went right over to get one. No issues... So when I asked about the last time I was in I couldn't get one? But my lady can? Now all of a sudden the guy remembers me and that he can't replace cracked ones that we have to go through the manufacturer?? It only covers bubbling. For a tempered glass?? Bubbling?? Like glass bubbles???  But guess what that girl doesn't work there anymore came up again. But this time the pure clear company changed how they do it and T-Mobile can't just replace them at the store level now. Little bit of a change of the story now? So lets get to my concern and question. When I was told that I could come in if I have any issues with them to get a free replacement, How is it my issue the rules have changed or someone got fired? I was told and the only reason I bought two of them at that price (44.99) was for the ability to get a free replacement if I ever had the need..  I can get the same quality off of amazon for 5 bucks with two day shipping, not months later. So what is T-Mobiles stand on my issue is my question? Is this my problem, can I get a replacement, can I get my money back since the rules have changed or I have been lied to by your rep? Or should I take this a step further?




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        Hello, wrathdesigns and welcome to our Support Community!


        I'm so sorry about the confusion and extra time you've spent trying to get your son's screen fixed after you were told it could be replaced in-store. With our current device protection offerings, we would recommend customers work with Assurant if you opted for the monthly service because the actual screen is cracked, not just the screen protector. However, I understand what you're saying about the screen protector -- the manufacturer of the screen protector carries the warranty, not T-Mobile. The warranty usually only covers the screen protector itself, not the screen.


        I was able to hunt down some information from PureGear's site on their warranty process in case it's needed in the future: PureGear - Warranty .