Excessive data usage, unknown origin


    I am currently 5 days into my billing cycle and I received a text message from T-Mobile stating that I have already used 51GB of data during the current billing cycle. That is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. I am constantly using WiFi and I reviewed my data usage on my iPhone 7 Plus and the most I've used combined is about 3GB of data in the last 5 days. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I should not be slowed down to "3G" speeds due to something that did not happen under my supervision. This is also the second consecutive month that this has happened to me, it just didn't happen this quickly last month. I need a resolution immediately.

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      • landonloco

        Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

        Did you turn off the thing that uses data when WiFi signal is weak if you live in a big building then it could happen

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

          That is quite a bit of usage in a short period of time! While the phones data usage meter is a great source of information, the total usage that the network shows is based on what your SIM card requested. There may be something using your data that your iPhone does not report on. My first guess would be mobile hotspot. Are you using your phone as a hotspot for other devices? Also, you mentioned under your supervision, do you believe that this usage occurred when the phone was not in your possession?

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

            Good morning, herrlisb!


            I'm just stopping by to see if you're still seeing a high amount of data usage on your device. If so, I want to echo Chris' question -  Are you using your phone as a hotspot for other devices? Also, you mentioned under your supervision, do you believe that this usage occurred when the phone was not in your possession?


            Please get back to us and we'll do our best to get you answers!

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

              Hey, herrlisb!


              Were you able to get to the bottom of your data usage? Keep us updated!

              • magenta1764683

                Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

                I've been having the same problem since last month. I woke up one day, looked at my phone, and found a huge data increase. Up until the July 29-Aug 28 cycle, I averaged 50-70 MB per month. About August 20th, it had jumped to over 100 MB. I haven't even done anything with my phone! I don't use the internet on it, I have no apps. All I use it for is talk and text. I'm only 2 weeks into this cycle, and I already have 253 MB listed! Again, I haven't done anything. I looked over the suggestions you gave the OP, and the option for mobile hotspots on my phone is turned off. My phone is saying that all of this data is from the Android IOS. I also had a few issues last week: one day my phone wouldn't connect to wi-fi unless I restarted the phone; I had to do that 4 times. On another day the phone lost 45% battery power in a matter of a few hours, which had never happened before or since; on any other "normal" day, I only use up about 10-15% battery. Once I recharged the phone, it kept the charge normally for the rest of the day.

                  • stuartb4u

                    Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

                    I had that happen too!!! Just overnight, I checked with support and they told me to turn off all the APPs that had "Background APP Roaming"   This updated Apps during the night when you're not on your phone and used data resources.  I turned them off and It really didn't help.  Just try it

                    • magenta6372556

                      Exactly similar experience recently on my phone.  I am only out of my home/work wifi for barely 40 min in a day all the rest of the time underwifi with strong signals and my usage is minimal even when in or out of wifi.  Now all of a sudden my usage went to 2 GB last month makes no sense. I am trying to find out what caused that. One thing I can tell is there has been android updates very regularly and after every restart my phone either slows down or acts weirdly.  last 2 weeks what I noticed is, it dropped my out of my own wifi and just won't connect.  I had to forget the network, re put the passcode, restart the phone multiple times and then it picked up my wifi.  Until I found out, it had been using mobile data.  Go figure.  I have Galaxy Note5.  This is when I found out that it has been doing this on my other phones/lines as well.  I have kickback for limiting my usage under 2GB.  And these issues always push my usages to over 2Gb.  Wondering if this is....

                      Anyone else?


                    • nix_on_the_rise

                      Re: Excessive data usage, unknown origin

                      I've also had this happen for some reason. That Mysteries text message I have unlimited data and I do use a lot of data I work on an assembly line so I stream music or videos just to keep myself occupied while I listen to them and since near the end of July or beginning of August I have had this issue that literally strangling my data connection I have no idea what it is. I would really like some help on this so if anybody has any ideas I'd like it to know the fact that I don't know how this got added to my account, since I never signed up for it or gave my okay and if it continues T-Mobile's going to get a not-so-nice phone call for me. Also to nip this in the bud no I don't use hotspotting at all i either use Wi-Fi or just my mobile data connection.