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    We signed up for T-Mobile knowing we are in a "hole" in their coverage about 1/2 mile wide and expected WiFi Calling to fill in while at out house using the internet fpr WiFi Calling and texting while in the house.  Seems that now they tell us that is not going to happen.  They don't support WiFi calling at all on phones "they don't sell".  HTC, as expected, says it should work, but ... .  Does anyone know if there is there anything one can do to make wifi calling work on T-Mobile with an HTC U11 or U12+ or is there an acceptable work around?

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling

        Hi marienfelde76


        Ideally yes, WiFi calling should work on U11 or U12+. See this: Wi-Fi calling: HTC U11 life

          HTC U11 - Why can't I use T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling feature o - Support | HTC United States 

        A common mistake people make not to include E911 address in their account and that causes Wifi call to fail. Please keep me posted how it goes following the above link.

          • marienfelde76

            Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling

            Well, that's what we (myself and a T-Mobile Store Rep) thought as well. 

            I did check my E911 address and verified it was correct. Further talked

            to tech support and they said it "was because we didn't buy the phone

            from T-Mobile".  I can think of at least sources of that decision.

            Networking, because they would have to support the quirks of various WAP

            and MMS (I assume) implementations from non-partner manufacturers and

            second, the Sales guys would not be in favor of it since they don't get

            any revenue from phone instruments they don't sell.  (I used to be a

            pre-sales SE for a computer manufacturer so I've actually seen that

            happen)  I'm sure there are at least a third reason I'm not aware of but

            having worked for a major Wireless corporation, those immediately come

            to mind.



            I can't see one version of the U11 working and others not from a

            technical aspect since they com from the same comp[any but you never know.

              • debjitjdv

                Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling

                Well I am not sure but your reasoning of non-partner manufacturer does not stand. My Nexus 6, Google Pixel First Gen all bought from Google store directly works with both VoLTE and WiFi calling for T-mobile out of the box. Something else is messed up here. Google is no partner of T-Mo.

                  • marienfelde76

                    Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling

                    Well, that's interesting.  I had seen an anecdote from someone who

                    requested a new nanoSIM and that cleared things up.  They're sending me a

                    Cell Spot to use which technically should fix things at my residence but

                    doesn't really solve the problem.  Just have to keep working the problem, I


                      • debjitjdv

                        Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling

                        CellSpot will use your ethernet connection and will provide coverage inside your home. I use one and I can assure you its extremely good.  I got it when coverage was little poor in my zip code but now I have best coverage as there is a nearby tower. SIM card could be a cause but I never had that issue. I am using a SIM card which I got sometime in 2015 and it has made WiFi calling work in every device that I have own including most recent Moto Z3 Play and iPhone 8+.

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                • tmo_chris

                  Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling

                  Sorry to hear about your Wi-Fi calling woes Non T-Mobile phones are tough to support as we did not test them or tweak the software to work specifically with our wi-fi calling services. The cellspot as debjitjdv can agree is a pretty awesome device and should work out pretty well for what you need it for.

                    • debjitjdv

                      Re: HTC U11 and WiFi Calling



                      I agree. The non T-Mobile phones are a little bit tricky. But if it is certified by T-Mo then yes it should work. For example, Moto Z3 Play is not a phone that T-Mobile sells directly. But its a fully certified device by T-Mo to work on its network with all features including B71. I personally have Amazon Prime version of Moto Z3 Play and I can confirm it has working VoLTE, WiFi calling and B71. Even OnePlus 6 is fully certified by T-Mo to work on its network even if its not a T-Mo phone. You have to find out if U11 non T-Mobile version is fully certified or not.