Call drops immediately after connection


    Since the last update I have noticed phone calls dropping after the line connects to the other called but within 1 to 3 seconds. This occurs on both outgoing and incoming calls.


    My service is at 4 to 5 bars of 4gLTE. I have a Samsung S7 phone. Searches for dropped calls seemed were for during a call, but not immediately after connection and before conversation starts.  Restarting my phone sometimes fixes it, or 5 to 10 attempts. Makes for a very unhappy spouse.


    Any tips or troubleshooting would be most appreciated!


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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Call drops immediately after connection

        Hey, Alex! I'm so sorry to read about your phone -- both for your sake, and your partnership's!
        If this just started after the update and no other changes can be pinpointed, then I think I'd start with update troubleshooting -- beginning with a cache clear. Then if that doesn't resolve it, you can try operating in Safe Mode to see if perhaps a third party app isn't playing nicely with your updated phone. As an absolute last resort (although I'll clarify that many of our Community members recommend this as a standard best practice post-update) I'd back up everything you can and complete a master reset to take the phone back to factory defaults, and then possibly even set it up as a new device. This is definitely not a quick and easy task to complete, but if all else fails we want you to be able to complete phone calls without trying a half dozen times or turning your phone off and on and that might be the ticket!

        Here are all of the pertinent links, in order:

        Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S7

        Safe mode: Samsung Galaxy S7

        Device resets: Samsung Galaxy S7

        Please let me know how that goes -- or if you've already walked through these steps!

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Call drops immediately after connection

          Hi there!


          Marissa left some really great steps in her post. Please give them a shot and let keep us updated on how things are going. Thanks.

            • swissboy97

              Re: Call drops immediately after connection

              The call drops were specific to the T-mobile calling.  I could make Skype video calls without any problem, so that indicates it wasn’t a network signal issue but something related to the T-mobile calling.


              I put the phone into Safe Mode and the problem did not seem to occur- 6/6 phone calls all received or made without issue.  Seems it may be an interfering application. Updated all apps to current version and now operating in normal mode. So far no issues, but going to continue to troubleshoot the rest of this week.


              Thank you for the great advice and will provide an update after a couple days of trials.

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