Payment taken out Twice, 7 days apart


    I just had my Phone Bill come out twice. It came out the first time on the 13th (which my bill inst due until the 16th), then it came out again today and left a credit on my account. I'm the type of person that lives paycheck to paycheck. I have other bills that I need to pay today that include student loans and my son's daycare, which I can not pay now. When I called and spoke to someone name Shawn and let him know what happened, he placed me on a brief hold and then told me it would be credited to my bank withing 5-7 business days. WHAT? I told him I could not wait that long and he ended up getting rude with me. This is unfair, I am not set up on auto pay, my bill was not late. Now I will have to pay an overdraft fee on my bank account (which I do not have the means to do so) and not be able to pay the bills that I normally do. I have been a customer for so long and never have had this issue. This really upsets me, things like this issue is the reason I left other phone company's in the past. Has anyone dealt with this? and if so, is there a faster way to get my money back?

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