Some calls go straight to voicemail - multiple phones


    Hello T-mobile experts out there,


    We have this issue with 2 different phone lines. Some incoming calls would go straight to voicemail without the phone ever ringing although a strong signal is present.


    My wife has had this issue with a Moto G, Moto E4 and LG V10. I have this issue with my Sony Xperia XA. My wife had a SIM card changed by T-mobile. Did not help. Once I took her phone to our nearby T-Mobile store (221 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL, 60148-4555) while it was experiencing the problem. They tried to call her phone and were able to reproduce the issue. Once an outgoing call was made from her phone the problem went away (temporarily).


    I was wondering if this is an issue with our T-mobile tower(s). Have other customers in the Lombard, Illinois area reported this issue? This cannot be an issue with interference in our home as the issue followed the phone to the above T-mobile store 0.3 mile away.


    We have been T-mobile customers for many years. Unfortunately, switching to some other carrier seems to be our reluctant last option.





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