CellSpot not working!


    I have a brand new 4GLTE CellSpot and its not working.  The power light is flashing green and the internet light is flashing orange.  I have plugged the yellow Ethernet cord into the yellow WAN port and it is plugged into my Ethernet modem.  I have contacted my ISP and they have opened up UDP ports 123, 500 and 4500 and they have placed the CellSpot into the DMZ.  What am i doing wrong?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: CellSpot not working!

        Hmm, it's tough to see what's going on, but I don't think you're doing anything wrong. We have some steps you can try on our 4G LTE Cellspot page but I think you've got that covered. You may want to Contact Us and get in touch with our Tech Care team for more troubleshooting.

          • jquebby1958

            Re: CellSpot not working!

            No, still not working.  I think I know what happened, though.  I had an outage about 10 days ago and had to call Spectrum.  The automated system re-set my modem (which tech support said I can do myself by simply unplugging and re-plugging it) and once that happened, boom, the cellspot went out. 


            Now I have a replacement and it's still not communicating with the modem.  The directions on the guide says to ask the ISP if ports are open but since I have a my own modem they say they can't do anything.  I think it's more that they won't do anything.  I understand how it could be a liability but this thing still doesn't work.  I think my only option might be to look at the instructions I have for the modem and see what I can do with it.

            • ktforever

              Re: CellSpot not working!

              We upgraded our internet and they sent out a new modem. The same exact modem. The cellspot worked flawlessly on the old modem and did not work with the new one. I asked isp if the ports were open 500, 123, 4500... they said yes.. they did not know what a DMZ was. My fix was to login my modem and find the cellspot device, then port forward the UDP 123, UDP 500 and UDP 4500 for the cellspot. I restarted modem and cellspot and bam! service again.

            • mlwing

              Re: CellSpot not working!

              Did you get this straightened out? Tech support hasn’t found a fix for mine yet. Thanks!

              • lemonhybrid

                Re: CellSpot not working!

                I had this same issue last night, I'll recap and explain what fixed it.  There is absolutely no reason this shouldn't have worked the first time, as I set everything up the exact same way I had it previously.  Keep in mind I own all my own equipment, I do not allow other companies to restrict ports or manage my DMZ.  You may have to get your ISP to do this for you if you cannot yourself.


                1. Plugged in first as I have a complicated network, but knew I was not blocking the ports.  Waited 2 hours, it never stopped flashing.

                2. Ensured my ports were accessible (always were), placed device in DMZ.  Powered back on, same results - Failed to connect.

                3. Spoke with tech support, reset device, same results - Failed to connect.

                4. 6 hours down, and no bars still.


                To fix I had to:

                • Unplugged every other device from my gateway/router/modem (whatever you want to call it), and then reset it to factory defaults.
                • Setup router as I had it configured previously, ensured ports are allowed.
                • Plugged cellspot v2 into router (powered down).
                • Power on cellspot v2 and hold down reset button for 20 seconds, then release.
                • Watch the magic happen?  I was able to get mine up after about an hour.  The device took around 20 reboots. Only the power button flashed the entire time with exception GPS came online before it was finished the programming.


                Good luck everyone, hope they work out of the box, but if not, maybe this will help.