Switched S9 from Verizon to T-Mobile - Phone won't rebrand


    BYOD from Verizon to T-Mobile.  I brought my S9 and my wife brought her S8+.  Lot long after the port-in process was complete, my wife's S8+ downloaded the T-Mobile app and the look/location of the status bar icons changed to the T-Mobile 'motif'; my phone hasn't changed at all.  When I go to update software, it was telling me my device was not authorized, but now it says the device is up to date.  However, the Verizon apps are still there and won't uninstall and the Service provider SW ver. is: SAOMC-SM-G960U_OYN_VZW_OO_0077 (notice the VZW) and the last line in that section reads: VZW/VZW/VZW.  My wife's phone has a last line of TMB/TMB/VZW (notice the TMB).

      Called T-Mobile and got completely clueless reps that claim "once it's a Verizon phone, it's always a Verizon phone!"  Really?, then explain my wife's phone that I purchased from the same Verizon store a few months earlier.

      The Samsung website says that once a new SIM is installed that the old provider software would be uninstalled and the new provider's software would be installed as long as it is an unlocked phone (mine is because I have T-Mobile service and if it's locked it would be SIM locked to Verizon and my service with T-Mobile wouldn't work).  Samsung's website even has a by-carrier list of the apps that are forced on you for your type of device.  So, I call Samsung.  They try everything they can: they assure me that my phone can be rebranded (duh, my wife's already is), they tell me to install SmartSwitch on my computer but it doesn't give me the option to update (even after a full phone backup), then he tells me to wait for the next firmware update and keep my fingers crossed.  Since when was "pray" added to the tech support flow charts?

      It appears that those who get paid to help have no clue how, so now I'm turning to this community for assistance.  Any ideas on what else I can try?

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      • gramps28

        This is the first time I ever heard of this rebranding , I'll be interested to what other users have to say.



          • theartiszan

            I have heard the term of rebranding before. I have not heard where this has happened before on it's own as part of an update. The only think I can think of was that there was a new version of the software available for the s8 from what Verizon had and after the SIM card change it allowed to download itself to perform that sort of update. And with the s9 being a newer device and there might not have been an update to download that was newer to change it.

            That being said, many things are setup and configured at first boot based off the SIM card that is in the device. Being that was already done the phone wouldn't do it again. You can try backing up the phone and doing a full master reset of the phone and see if it changes.

            The only other way to force it is to manually flash the firmware to the phone which is not officially supported by TMobile or Samsung. Basically you would use Odin and the firmware from one of a number of sites on the internet to put the version you want on there. While highly unlikely, this might cause the phone to become unusable and you would need to flash back the correct software for the phone you have. If you Google search rebrand s9 you might find guides online how to do that.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            I'm not 100% sure about the whole re-branding, but I think I know something that might help. First, did you update to the latest software version while you were still on Verizon? If not, you may wanna stop by a Samsung Authorized Service Center. They have the ability to update the software there if Smart Switch doesn't recognize you need it. I know that may be asking a lot to make that trip, but it could be worth it to help with your phone.

              • workin247365

                You are the second respondent who is unaware of the rebranding (my term,

                not an official term).  Here is the source for my assertion that this is a

                real thing: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00078492/  Plus,

                my wife's phone (S8+) automatically rebranded just as that link indicates.

                My conversation with Samsung support acknowledged the process and the fact

                that my phone must be unlocked since it is currently working on the

                T-Mobile network.  The question is not "if" it can be branded, the question

                is "how" once the automated switch fails to initiate.

                • workin247365

                  I did update to Oreo.  My main concern with this help request is not to remove the 'My Verizon' app or the Verizon startup animation, I am concerned with security updates.  As I understand the process, (1) Android gets a patch, (2) manufacturers test the patch and make necessary modifications based on hardware compatibility, (3) carriers receive the update from the manufacturer and add their bloat and branding (this is evident when a game or app just appears on your phone), (4) carriers push the update to customers when they are finished messing with the update (this is why a Verizon phone will update already update and identical T-Mobile phones won't get the update for another two weeks (or vice versa).

                    In light of the above, if Verizon is no longer servicing my phone, I am concerned that I will not receive future security updates.  This leaves my phone vulnerable and, by extension, my home network.

                    • smplyunprdctble

                      #4 isn't exactly right.

                      Carriers don't push.  Carriers approve.  The push still comes from the manufacturer.  The file your phone downloads comes from the manufacturer, not the carrier.  Phones should still update when updates come out, no matter the carrier branding.  So, in that aspect, you should be fine.


                      The only other thing I can think of to help is to perform a Factory Reset on your device, set it up as new to see if the Samsung tools will allow for rebranding at that point.  Use caution when performing a Factory Reset -- Unless you have your contacts, photos, etc, set to backup, you will lose them.  Make sure you have everything backed up that you will need prior to doing this.  And, if that doesn't work, I'm with MC - try bringing it to a Samsung Authorized Service Center and see what's up with it.


                      Unfortunately, this rebranding ability is a Samsung feature, and T-Mobile probably doesn't support helping a Samsung feature work.

                        • workin247365

                          If that is the case, then I assume my phone will get some kind of update, as you stated.  I wonder if I will be on the T-Mobile schedule or the Verizon schedule, since they do "approve" on different timelines based on historical evidence (Samsung does not decide when Verizon phones update).

                            I am unable to bring it to an authorized service center because there are none near El Paso (according to the Samsung map).  I was trying to avoid a factory reset because of the immense amount of time required to get it back to the current state (digital wallet, etc.).

                    • bradgrant

                      He needs to change his APN.

                        • gramps28

                          He's talking about "rebranding" his phone which is something new Samsung is apparently doing.


                          This has nothing to do with data settings.

                            • bradgrant

                              Honestly this all seems like a terrible idea in my opinion because it will cause any number of baseline conflicts unless every single phone is identically built. All the BYOD custimization does is disable carrier apps, change menus and so forth. It just seems like it would be improperly deployed and make managment impossible. As for updates they first need to be started all the way back to the chip manufacturer. Then the device manufacturer. And it must get through all points approval. Then the update must be generated. BYOD is not always going to be a great deal unless chip manufacturers make less chips in greater numbers to lessen this burden so there would be fewer market options to make it more or less economical while still being stable. He can still change his AON and update his network manually and if it is unlocked it should accept the new network. I wouldn't trust this "new" idea with my data.

                          • bradgrant

                            I have requested a Samsung rep to assist on the forum and also had them do a ticket to create, perhaps, a permanent rep here. I also direct them to this specific question.

                            • smplyunprdctble

                              Another person had an issue with something carrier specific with an S9.


                              Re: T-mobile can push wifi calling ability to unlocked Galaxy S9? (According to Samsung, they can).


                              Their answer was a factory reset and it rebranded.  This was suggested by myself and another community member, but you said you don't want to do it.  It looks like your answer, though, is a Factory Reset.

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                              • kelemvor33

                                I have this exact same problem.  I brought two Verizon phones and changed to TMobile a week or so ago.  GS9+ and GS7.  The GS9+ removed all the Verizon apps and installed all the TMobile apps.  The GS7 did not.  I also noticed that the GS7 boots up and still shows Verizon on the splash screen where the GS9 shows TMobile.


                                Something seems to be wrong.

                                • bradgrant

                                  YoullY want to make sure the APN on the subject is correct but you cannot change the s7 from Verizon software to TmobiT-M. There is no way to do that. You could always use sonethsom like Titanium after rooting it to delete the apps but otherwise just make sure your APN is correct. Also, many phones are getting better at having more baseline frequencies but not all phones will be compatible.

                                  • cellulartruth

                                    So to help you all out since I am someone who unlocks and rebrands all carrier devices here in the US of A.


                                    The S9, S9+, and Note 9 no longer auto rebrand to the new carrier without files having to be flashed over. For instance, I can unlock a Note 9 from AT&T but in order to get it working for another carrier like T-Mobile, to have ll T-Mobile apps and even WiFi calling, I have to first unlock it, then flash over the unbranded stock Samsung Note 9 software, then flash over the T-Mobile branded stock Note 9 software. We in the business are sad as well that the S8, S8+, and Note 8 devices are the only ones that auto brand to the new carrier. Samsung is still awesome to make them all universal now so this is still possible to be done, it just takes a tech guy like me to do it now instead of moving a sim card over.


                                    APN has nothing to do with it, nor will factory resetting it or anything similar to those things. If I find a way to make the phone respond automatically again one day, it will be posted in a video on Youtube to help the world out (Cellular Truth is my Youtube channel as well).

                                      • keninwa

                                        I can tell you that as of 10/21/2019 Both the S9 and S9+ DO AUTO REBRAND in minutes when moving from Verizon to T-Mobile.

                                        I had been prepairing for this move for a while.  Did my reading.  Had the U1 files and U-TMB files all downloaded and ready.


                                        This info covers SM-G960U and SM-G965U. Bestbuy Gold colored units sold locked to Verizon at the time.

                                        Verizon is no auto unlocking current phones 90 days after purchase. 


                                        I  had also bought an unlocked blue SM-G960U that shipped with ATT to replace an older S7 Edge.  That one I flashed the TMB current Stock 960U Firmware (All 4 files using the CSC file that resets the phone.  Logo still came up ATT, until I put I a T-Mobile Sim then that one converted over. No using of the U1 step.


                                        Then when the final change happened at the store:  Once the numbers were ported.  The Verizon Sims were popped out and the T-mobile SIMs put in.  The phones were unlocked and reset and BOOM


                                        T-Mobile Logo

                                        Verizon stock apps GONE

                                        t-Mobile stock apps Loaded (but need to pull down updates)

                                        Video calling worked Check

                                        HD / VoLTE working Check

                                        Wifi Calling working check

                                        Engineering codes that Verizon locked out, working CHECK I was able to confirm Bands 13 and 71 enabled.


                                        No Flashing Needed

                                        In Software Screen   the CSC is lists as  TMB/TMB/VZW as expected.


                                        The move from Verizon to T-mobile was shockingly easy and 99.9% complete except for the "original CSC" code which I am not rooting to remove.

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                                      • brian007

                                        I can confirm that rebranding does indeed work on a Galaxy S9+.  I have a Verizon phone and switched to T-Mobile.  When I put the T-Mobile SIM card in at the store at time of port over, everything worked fine but I would keep getting notifications about the SIM card not being from Verizon and still see the Verizon splash screen on reboot.  I used the phone this way for several months but decided to try and factory reset today to see if it would rebrand.  It absolutely does.  I get a T-Mobile splash screen now and non of the Verizon specific apps.  The notification about the SIM card is gone as well.  Should have done this months ago!