Feedback on T-mobile store in Campbell , CA


    I really want to show my appreciation about the service I received from Albert in T-mobile store in Hamilton Ave, Campbell CA.  My phone screen cracked and I am  filing a claim to my Mobile Phone Protection Plan for a reimbursement. The Protection Plan Service Center was asking a poof of my broken device which was linked to the phone # I had with T-mobile. I went last week. The store manager checked and told me no that kind of information in their system which is not true. The store manager actually had no clue at all how to find the information from their system.  I called the Protection Plan Service Center again and told them T-mobile said nothing in their system. However, in order to get reimbursement, the Protection Plan Service Center insisted I needed to get that proof from t-mobile. I went back second time this morning, Luckily, when I walked in this time, Albert was my service representative. He logged into my account and quickly found the IMEI # which actually linked to my cell # . So I told him the Protection Plan Service Center just needed a screen shot and send to them. Albert said he needed to ask the store manager. Again, she was not helpful at all. The screen was my account and only showed my account information, but she told Albert he could shot the screen with the IMEI # only. I told her again that wouldn't work. I needed a screen shot showing both cell # and the IMEI # together, She said she can not do that and walked away. The screen only showed my info which I am the owner.  Albert was so smart. He immediately called the Protection Plan Service Center to clarify and verify what they needed for my claim,  As soon as he confirmed, he took a screen shot showing the link of my cell # with the IMEI # and emailed it immediately to the Protection Plan Service Center. What impressed me even more was he asked the representative to stay on line for 30 more seconds to confirm the representative did receive the screen shot. Albert, what a smart guy who not only knew how to identify and resolve the issue but also made sure the issue was completely resolved!! Compared with the store manager, I would suggest the store manager need to improve her technical skills by knowing what they do have in their system and also improve her attitude in helping customers resolve issues rather than just saying no to things they can do for their customers. 

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