What a shameful company.


    I remember when customer service used to matter, but it's a sad day in this world of faceless corporations.


    For 4 months straight T-Mobile has failed to provide me with the service I have continually paid for, despite escalating my issue to the highest techs. Over $800 in bills I've paid over this span for a service that did not work as advertised with it's roaming. They acknowledged the malfunctions over the phone and have yet to come up with an explanation.


    What did customer retention have to say about it? They can offer me a $60 credit in exchange for the $800 spent on a service that doesn't work.


    At what point are companies going to become accountable for their shortcomings? It would be a drop in the ocean for T-Mobile to refund me for service they OPENLY ADMIT hasn't been working, but they would rather see me walk away then re-imburse me some sensible portion of the $800 in bills and retain me as a customer.


    T-Mobile should be embarrassed by themselves as a company for how they view their customers. I highly recommend you guys head for the hills before you have a real problem. They'll make up some BS excuse explaining how they don't want to be accountable for their own inability to provide service, and basically insult your intelligence as a customer.


    They're not sorry. They don't care that your service doesn't work, and they don't give a rats a-s-s about the inconvenience on your life. Cost me and my business an unknown quantity of clients from inability to contact me.


    What a SHAM. Anyone know any methods to getting back at this company for such disrespect?

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      • lmaocean

        Re: What a shameful company.

        Hey there!


        I'm very sorry to hear that you are having very difficult times with T-Mobile resolving the roaming charge issues.


        Personally, I have never had a problem with roaming on T-Mobile when I traveled to South Korea and Japan, However, I do hear you and would like to try my best to help. Please keep in mind that I'm not a T-Mobile rep, so if you'd like them, please call 611 on your T-Mobile device.


        Could you help me out by explaining what the $800 in charges was for? Also, if you could clarify what device you were using and what "malfunction" the rep was talking about, if you remember? That would be very helpful in coming down to a solution.