Suddenly no Data, Calls or Texts inside building


    Sorry but this is going to be long.

    I have been TMobile customer for YEARS. I have only noticed the coverage getting better thru the years (yippee).
    Then I got a new job and I had zero coverage inside the building (they do not allow me to connect to Wi-Fi). Not happy since I know that both Sprint and Verizon work inside the building (i had those phones for other jobs I was working-don't ask). I happen to get the S9+ and I was getting calls and text message then. No data but that is fine, I am ok with that. Then all of the sudden it just stopped. I have this $800 rock for 45 hours a week. Why would it just stop like that when the Sprint and Verzion phones didn't?

    Is there any solution other than changing carriers??


    Misc info 46809 is the zip and I have 5 bars but again no data.

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      • magenta5672547

        What happens when you get near a window,  or you ascend to a higher floor? Does signal increase or stay the same?  Do you get the "NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK" message?


        I have a similar issue with cell usage in a local hospital that is a "Sprint facility" with Sprint repeaters located thruout the building.  The interior of big stuctures is always an issue.  As soon as I hit the building lobby I get dropped calls, no wifi, but I do get texts oddly enough.  In this instance,  Sprint is providing the hospital with the interior signal repeaters that only work on the frequencies unique to Sprint (and their customer's handsets). Sprint is also involved with the hospital's land-line and internal wifi services.


        A relative who works at the facility describes the same issues with her T-mobile service and handset,  just like me.  We've both found that if you get very close to an exterior window,  the signal returns.  When leaving the facility,  signal immediately comes back once we hit the exterior doors.  There's nothing T-mobile can do about these issues to help.


        Until the FCC mandates a law requiring facilities using repeaters or boosters to provide equal service to all signal bandwidths,  this is what we're stuck with.


        Don't hold your breath.

        • magentatech

          Suddenly no signal inside the office

          It happened about 3  months ago. One day the phone shows no network. All other coworkers also lost the signal. But all other carriers are working fine. I opened a ticket with T-Mobile and Initially they said they have some kind of technical issues and will be resolved soon. Then they said everything is working fine. When I said still no signal.then they said they are upgrading the network and  everything will be OK soon. But still no signal. I think the 700MHZ is not working,the signal which penetrates the building. I may have no other choice other than to switch to a different carrier.

            • magenta4849467

              Exactly!! It was about 3 months ago! I had a very strong suspicion it has something to do with TMobile, not repeaters. I am in the same boat though, I cannot afford to have a $900 rock sitting on my desk 40+ hours a week. I have been with TMobile for years but I have no choice but to switch. Especially since they will not admit that that problem is on their end!

            • magentatech

              I opened two tickets with T-mobile. It looks like they are beating around the bush. Same story line first they have a problem, then they said they fixed it. then they are doing upgrades. They were not able to identify the problem or they don't want to. My suspicion is that they are switching some frequencies to other prepaid carriers whom uses their network. So they can not disclose those info. to customers. It appears that they don't care. Just keeps on repeating we are here to help you but without any help