Extremely slow connection speeds


    In my apartment I'm having extremely slow speeds . Ookla speed test shows 0.05 for downloads and 0.01 for uploads , and it also says connection some where in mass even tho I'm in RI . Is there any way that I can fix this ? I've already tried the basic stuff like clearing extra cache , turning the phone off , turning on airplane mode and things like that . I have a Samsung galaxy j3 prime with the tmobile one international unlimited plan . Thanks !

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Extremely slow connection speeds

        What type of connection do you have?  Next to your antenna, it should say "G", "E", "3G", "H", "4G", or "LTE", depending on your OS (maybe others, but I think that covers them all).


        If it's to the left of 4G in my list, that would definitely explain the slower speeds.  You probably can't do much besides move (assuming you get better speeds in other places you go).  RI has abysmal coverage in many areas (across providers... which made it fun when we visited Newport and the printout directions failed us and TMo nor VZW had coverage on the roads we were on).


        The location says "MA" because that's the registered location of the IP you're getting.  It's cosmetic and doesn't mean anything.  Some folks in Georgia have been known to have a Texas IP every now and then.